Pastor Jamal Bryant Ain't Too Happy With The New Baltimore Casino, That Will Be Fueled By Pension Checks And Minimum-wage Earnings!

 In Baltimore, the new casino will be fueled by pension checks, minimum-wage earnings.

Baltimore, Maryland opened its first urban casino, the other day and everybody ain't happy about it, especially Pastor Jamal Bryant, who posted the following comment on his Facebook Page: Y'all wouldn't listen to me!

I do believe I read somewhere a while ago that, Pastor Bryant, in fact, did try and stop casino gambling from coming to that area of Balitmore. But the promise of "big money" not only lures people into the casinos, it lured voters to choose to allow casinos in their neighborhood in the first place.


  1. But it's ok for his church to take the same pension checks and minimum-wage earnings. Wake up People!!!! it's a game, he just doesn't want the competition.

  2. Blowing you resources at some Casino is very, very foolish and so is giving your money to false prophets. I know God frowns on both actions cause they do not reap the fruits of righteousness. It`s a terrible waste to toss money that the Lord has blessed you to acquire on greedy preachers and greedy Casino owners. What`s the difference?

  3. I live on the outskirts of Detroit and this reporter has it spot on! It's not the rich, powerful, or high end rollers that are going to our casinos... its mama ,daddy Uncle Joe, your cousins, your co-workers.... Everyday people just hoping for that big break. It's draining resources away from families and killing the dreams of our people. Sure it has created jobs but how many lives, marriages and families has it destroyed through addiction..


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