Pastor Chuck Smith Family In Fight Over Calvary Chapel!

A family fight over control of an Orange County megachurch after the death of the founder heads to the courts. The family of Pastor Chuck Smith is embroiled in a legal battle over control his Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa megachurch.

His daughter has filed suit alleging elder abuse and neglect when Smith died. Pastor Chuck Smith died nearly a year ago. He was married to his wife Kay for 65 years. They grew their congregation from 25 people to 1,400 churches worldwide.


  1. This always happens with these TOP HEAVY mega churches.

    They are so blinded by their church leaders dynamic speaking and charisma, that they failed to noticed that the pastor hasn't truly raised or appointed a leader to replace them. (Because to do so would CHALLENGE their dominance over the congregation)

    So when the pastor dies there is a major battle fought to control the power, money and prestige.

    This same thing happen in Zachary Tims & Betty Pebbles church. When they died everyone around them tried to get to the head pulpit.

  2. @ Cop, I agree this is bound to happen when any pastor that's up in age who hasn't groomed his successor and the congregation doesn't know who's the next leader to take charge... every leader in Biblical history groomed his successor... but pastors today leave that to the congregation when they move off the scene...

  3. And our witness for Christ takes another hit. I'm quite capable of blowing my witness for Christ, but I don't get much media attention when I do. This hurts the Church, IMO

  4. I never met Chuck Smith and I do not attend a Calvary Chapel, but I have listened to his sermons often on the radio, as well as on Pastor's Perspective. If nothing else is certain, I could tell that he was ready to go Home. His ministry on Earth was finished and he had passed the torch so to speak. I believe he ran the race and God was pleased with him thoroughly. I cannot believe that anything he did here was for his benefit, but for the Glory of God. His daughter should feel the same.

  5. Lord Jesus, forgive these people I pray for this unfortunate incident which gives our enemy another public spout out towards you & your body! Holy Spirit, pour out your wisdom for all parties involved and resolve this matter to the Glory of Jesus I ask.

  6. This is just sad

  7. This is unfortunate. From what I know the last thing Chuck Smith would want to see is a fight over his church.

    Unlike a lot of pastors of mega-churches he never intended to create one. It was a case of being in the right place at the right time.


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