No Disrespect, But Not A Fan Of Joan Rivers!

A post from my Facebook timeline, that I can agree with:
 This will probably go down as something I should not post, but I was never a fan of Joan Rivers. Thought she was mean spirited, hateful, and said very derogatory comments about good people including President & Mrs Obama. While I feel no sorrow for her passing I can respect the feelings of those who do. It's complicated understanding why we take celeb deaths with so much grief & care less when our neighbors and others in our community are senselessly killed. But I understand. I felt strongly when Lennon, Whitney & Michael died, but even those pale in comparison to losing a friend or family member. I'm sure Rivers meant a lot to a lot of people. I'm just not one of them.


  1. I totally agree with your statement. Ms. Rivers had said a lot of mean spirited, hateful and derogatory things just to get a laugh. I don't feel you need to be hurtful for humor. I too was not a fan or supporter of Ms. Joan Rivers niether.

  2. Joan Rivers was not a perfect person in a lot of people sight. But who is all perfect?...Some of the last in views I saw she was nice and sweet.

    I am sure she had faith in God in her home because her daughter ask for prayer.

    Church folks should always be careful in times like these speaking about someone leaving this earth. BECAUSE WE ALL GOD'S CHILDREN in his sight.

    We do not know what God had done for the this woman IN HER PASSING AWAY...Let us move on in his glory.

    1. Anonymous ain't nobody said nothing about Ms. Rivers being perfect, heck we all know she wasn't perfect and neither are we. I SAID I AM NOT A FAN OF JOAN RIVERS in which I am not and never was. I'm not going to lie now and say that I like her now that she has made her transition from time to unending time. I'm not judging her either. This is just my opinion based on her behavior & statements about others. It's not a person in this world who doesn't have some kind of an opinion about famous people. May God have mercy on her soul.

    2. Why waste blog space in giving attention to a person you weren't a fan of?

  3. Ms. Brock, I agree with u she was a trip with the typical sense of entitlement who verbalize hated in her own way.

  4. Joan Rivers was a trip with the typical sense of entitlement who verbalize hated in her own way.


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