Mt. Calvary WORD Of FAITH Presents Shirley Caesar's Birthday & Pastoral Celebration!

Come help us celebrate our Pastor!


  1. Y'all are going to SOOO hate me for this.


    Didn't we just finish discussing her asking for donations to pay off the church, and now they are putting on a FREE (FIVE DAY) CELEBRATION???

    Let ME handle this for them right now, because either Shirley or the people that manage the church are suspect in their skills.

    Why not charge a small fee and let people know that the money will be used to help pay off the church. (That's 5 days straight of money to be gathered for the mortgage)

    And YOU KNOW they'll get a little more then what they charge because they will PASS THE PLATE ALL FIVE NIGHTS.

    You can also charge a little extra for Vicky Winans concert
    (And don't forget the plate that night either)

    1. Cop, that's the first thing that came to mind when I say the headline.

  2. Cop,
    You forgot the LOVE offerings. Will that $ go towards the mortgage.

  3. I think it's a bit much as well. I understand wanting to celebrate your pastor, but like Cop said - the church is trying to raise some $$$. At least charge something! And you know all 6 of her guests are not coming for free. They will need their honorariums as well (which is right). If any plates are passed - and they WILL be passed - they should be expressly for the building fund. That should be the LOVE offering. She just said she wanted the 'burden' of the church's debt lifted off of her, what better birthday gift is there for her than that?

  4. This is a church celebration and should remain free to all who want to attend. The fund raiser to pay off the mortgage is just that, a fund raiser. I actually applaude them for seperating the two.

    1. Free is good.

      But, I am pretty sure that Vicky Winans and the other 5 speakers are being paid to show up.

      So while Shirley is asking for money to payoff the church.
      They are spending more money for the her celebration.
      (And you can bet it's more than a few hundred dollars)

      Here is a crazy plan

      Limit the celebration to ONE DAY.
      Use the ministers ON STAFF to preach at the event.

      This is something a fiscally responsible church that REALLY wants to lift its financial burden would do.

    2. The guest speakers may or may not be getting paid. Shirley is an industry legend with a lot of clout & respect. She also holds a legitimate business degree from an accredited school and isn’t stupid at all. She has kept that church running for many years. I don’t know what her method here is, but I don’t question it. She will probably get more love offerings and donations by not trying to charge people for services that have been and should be free.

  5. GOD's church is for celebrating God. We're so lost. Smh


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