Lord Have Mercy, How In The World Did ‘Preachers of L.A.’ Manage To Put A Conceivable New Spin on Reality-TV?

 Praise the Lord, and Chase the Ratings!
Jesus take the wheel, why are so many in the Black Community, beginning to really believe that the show Preachers of L.A. is a true representation of Christianity? I tried watching the show with an open mind, but I couldn’t get through two episodes, before cutting it off.   Almost every week now, more and more so called,  Christians are claiming to see God moving among His people in the show:
I watch it..I believe that Christ is real and I love it...The point of the show is they are real people who make mistakes just like anyone else..No one is perfect...They are there to lead people to Christ and throughout the show that will be revealed..God used so many imperfect people to get his message across in biblical times and he still does it today.
There is more truth to this show than not. They may not represent the whole church, but represent many. It's hard to live up to a perfect God and the people are pissed because this display is certainly anything but perfect! Everybody calm down... don't watch if it offends your perfectness LOL.
This show has convinced me of one thing, and that is television is utterly incompatible with Christianity. This sister nailed it for me, great read.


  1. If your looking for a show to bring more people to Christ
    that shows the deeper side to pastors lives,


    Temper tantrums, foolish behavior, unwillingness to listen to correction, elitism, false accusations with no signs of Jesus anywhere.

    You could find more forms of Godliness watching "Gilligan's Island"

    This show is a perfect view of how pastors who have gotten to much money, power, fame (or a combination of all three) are corrupted in to thinking that they are
    Above correction
    That money equals favor with God
    And it displays how much many of the preachers are so wrapped up in themselves they don't have time for the people they serve or to STUDY THE WORD OF GOD.

    1. Ok, if I am not mistaken Jesus disciples had issues and Peter had a serious temper but God used them anyway. This show shows me that at the end of the day we all need Jesus because none including myself are perfect. I have had temper tantrums, I have been unwilling to listen to correction I have even acted self righteous but I know who saved me from jumping to my death from the 13th floor of my apartment his name is Jesus and while i may have handled these issues there are more that I have to deal with hence daily dying and I won't stop telling people about how good he is based on my behavior that I alone need to work on.

    2. Tamara

      The difference between us (and maybe you as well)
      Is that we aren't the LEADERS OF A CHURCH putting our foolish sinful behavior on screen TO MAKE MONEY, under the cloak of showing people how every day pastors live.

      These characters spend more time arguing with each other than they do having true discussions about serving the people.

      This show is STRICTLY for the money. And the writers of the show (and there are writers) build fake drama based off of these ridiculous pastors.


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