Jesus Take The Wheel: Marvin Sapp Want Thristy Women To Stop Showing Up At His Home!

According to Elev8, Pastor Marvin Sapp, took to his Facebook account and made an honest, heartfelt plea to those thirsty women showing up at his home. What's wrong with people?



  2. Ann I truly don't mean no disrespect, but why are folks only showing up at Marvin Sapp's house? He said that about the young lady that disappeared.

  3. He needs to be very prayerful and move his family to a Gated community for the safety his whole family. Maybe we should stop using the term "thirsty" women, and use the valid term , "crazy". He needs to be very, very careful because he has children and you never know what type of spirit is in a person with mental problems. They could have a weapon on them or something. I pray and hope that the Lord protects M. Sapp and his dear children. Stalking is no joking matter ! His church is probably "chock", full of nuts, and evidently they are not getting the deliverance they so badly need. They need to be taught the Word by some seasoned women of God. If a man is a real man, he will come after you if he wants you! You wont have to try to snatch/force him or hijack his family. He needs to just openly speak to his congregation and tell them that he wants to be left alone. I have been a widow for over 15 years now, and I cant tell you how many brothers/ministers have said that God told them I was their "Wife". Well its 2014, and I am still a "Merry Widow". People want to act like they are hearing from God, when you are blessed, but God will speak to both individuals about his plan, it wont be a one-sided affair. I have had to trust God for his protection and ignore a whole lot of foolishness.

  4. Who knew that Marvin Sapp was so desirable. I need to see who these women are & why of all people, are they after Marvin Sapp???....Its just very, very, very strange to me.

    1. Exactly my thoughts, I would like to hear what these women have to say. How do we know this is true? What does he have that these women want? What are they 'thirsty' for? Why him? This raises many questions... Fact is, after this post on Facebook, more women will be interested. Lots of women love a man that many women want. Maybe that's what he really wants LOL


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