I'm Totally Shocked That Bethel Baptist Institutional Church Would Even Consider This Foolishness!

I'm really surprised that Bishop Rudolph Mckissick JR. agreed to this.  Los Angeles Casting Directors will be doing interviews this Tuesday and Thursday 11am-7pm and Wednesday 1pm-10pm in the Welcome Center. They are filming a new faith based TV show about Christian singles who would like to find love. If you are a single, would like to help a single find love, or just want to be on TV come down and meet them! Facebook!


  1. everybody wants to be a movie star... this reality tv has gotten out of hand in the Christian community...

  2. How is this different from "Duck Dynasty"?

  3. Like the "Duck Dynasty" comment. Churches are becoming more business oriented and less about God!

  4. What's the issue here again??


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