Hands Up! Michael Brown's Family Is Coming To Empowerment Temple Church!

If you are in the Baltimore, MD area tomorrow and has lost a family member to violence or serious about Social Justice. Then you're invited to join Pastor Jamal Bryant, along with the Michael Brown family at Empowerment Temple.  


  1. Wherever there's a scandal or hot button news item...Jamal Bryant isn't far away smh....
    He seems to wanna be the new school Al Sharpton or Jesses Jackson to me lol
    That's tacky to have the young mans photo on the flyer as if he's going to be speaking or performing there...kinda weird...jussayin

    1. Holiness Is Still Right:Sunday, 28 September, 2014

      Pastor Jamal Bryant posted on his Instagram page the following message:Incredible service at empowermenttemple.org We were able to help #michaelbrown parents move out of apartments into a home! Now what have you done for Michael Browns family? That's what I thought! Folks kill me always trying to tear someone down.

    2. Holiness Is Still Right please read Matthew 6:1-4. Jesus spoke to his disciples and told them when you do alms (good works) worthy of people praise. Do thine ALMS in SECRET! Pastor Jamal Bryant loves the praises of MEN. Its all about him. Look it me, look it me.

    3. Correction : Look at me, look at me. Randy

    4. @Holiness is still right

      I don't think anyone is trying to tear Jamal down. It's a good thing to help this family.

      But Jamal (Oxford) Bryant's motives are always in question because when ever there is a spot light anywhere he try's to be in the center.

      If the story didn't make national head lines would he have helped?

      Why does he feel the need to bring this family to Baltimore with the title "Michael Browns family is coming to Baltimore"? (As if they are on tour for a concert)

  2. If you do it from the heart no one else will know about it.

  3. We need to come together in St Louis and all over the Country. If we do not get the right verdict. We will boycott all stores, gas stations, restaurants etc on the day of the verdict. The only way we are going to make change is to not spend money and hit them in their pocket book!!!!


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