Half-Naked Rihanna Gives Glory to God for Career Success!

                Rihanna by Damien Hirst - GQ.com

Rihanna has sparked much controversy with her scandalous behavior, but she has also been open about her faith. Pop singer Rihanna recently glorified God in a Twitter post marking the ninth anniversary of her debut album, Music of The Sun.
 "To God be the Glory #MusicOfTheSun," 
She tweeted Saturday after re-posting a message from her Roc Nation music label mentioning the anniversary.


  1. Praising God doesnt impress me bc we dont know WHAT God she worships. I've heard ppl say some real nice sounding things then u ask them about Jesus and they say they dont believe in him or that he was just a man. If Jesus isnt God then all that on the surface God talks means nothing just good sounding words. Someone could b talking about Satan for all we know but as long as they dont call him by name and just say my "god" this or that ppl r kool w it. Not me i dig deeper. What God do u believe in? Is Jesus God? Do u follow him/are u saved?

  2. GOD is a title!! I can call myself a "Goddess". Rapper Charlemayne (excuse spelling) calls himself a God. You all are church folk, I'm sure you all or most are aware that these people's "god " is oftentimes satan. In this case, it's obvious that this young lady is NOT speaking of our Heavenly Father, the head of The Trinity. What this article should have been doing is breaking this down this fact, then using her (Rihanna) as a focal point. Hey, ijs.


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  4. She may give glory to "god" with a small g, because its obvious she doesn't worship the God of Heaven. Jesus said, a good tree cant bring forth corrupt fruit. He also said we shall know who belongs to him by their fruit. So she may be referring to " the god of this world" who is Satan ". Jesus told us that there will be many in that day who would say, " Lord , Lord..." and Jesus will declare to them , "I know ye not, ye worker of iniquity". Anyone can say they give glory to God but that doesn't mean they know him intimately just because they invoke his name. The Bible declares that even demons believe and tremble, so they know Creator God is the only true and Living God. How are you going to dishonor God with your unholy lifestyle, dress, associations, lyrics, materialistic philosophies and then declare that you are "honoring" him. That`s schizophrenic !

  5. There are many gods. Maybe she is referring to the ones on her head.

  6. What is this "Scandalous behaviour," of Rihanna's are you talking about? The fact that she's a successful celebrity who minds her business and she's hounded by the paparazzi?


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