Good News: Nicki Minaj Got Turned Away From Her Old High School!

According to, yesterday Nicki Minaj was turned away from her old high school and she wasn't too happy about it. This is what the NYC Dept of Education had to say:
" We do not allow reality TV to be filmed on school property. For documentaries, any visit to a public school must be educational in nature and cannot intrude on instruction, and the decision about whether we can accommodate visits from celebrities is entirely up to the Principal who manages the property."
I applaud LaGuardia High School and the Principal for making a very logical decision, can't be mad at that, besides, me, myself and I don't see her as a role model, sex object yes, role model no.... "PRAISE THE LORD"somebody got some kind of discernment when it comes to our kids. Kudos and high five to the LaGuardia High School.


  1. I would not want her in the school either.

    1. Agree, but seriously, you can't be an artist promoting sexually exploitive behavior and think it's ok to mentor young people. Speaking to adults and speaking to children are two totally different messages. Can she still be a positive role model for young people? Perhaps. However, societal norms and responsibility lends the understanding that her speaking to HS students will be inappropriate. That's why there's a such thing called, "Adult Content." Her style should definitely be reserved for the adults....Not HS students. Just my opinion.

    2. Their official statement is they didn't let her make a speech because nicki wanted tv crews to film it but that was against their policy. I honestly think it's because she is a horrible role model. No nicki isn't raising our children but as parents it is important that you do everything that u can keep negative influences out of your kids lives. schools share that responsibility as well. What is nicki going to tell kids?? get fake boobs and fake butt and you can make it??? in her last anaconda song she just talking about drug dealers she slept with. whether it's true or not is that really what you want your daughters to be hearing?? go sleep with drug dealers??

  2. She's really mad because her publicity stunt was shut down. The article says she and MTV wanted to shoot production there late notice and the principal felt it would be too much of a disruption...the principal offered the weekend and Nicki & MTV declined wasn't about inspiring's about her...maybe to get footage for a biopic or something.

  3. Great comment from Dr.Boyce Watkins about this: I just need to understand what in the hell Nicki Minaj can teach anyone about succeeding in life. It seems that the moral of the story is "sleep with drug dealers and make sure you have a fat a*s." Did you listen to how many times she says "I have a fat a*s" in that video? I need someone to explain this to me, because I honestly don't get it. Being rich doesn't automatically make you a good commencement speaker.

  4. Good for the principal! Niki Minaj is a terrible role model. The kids need someone truly sound who values themselves enough not to exploit themselves as Minaj does.


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