Church Locks Out Church Because They Were Not Up Front About Being An All Inclusive Affirming Church.

Lord have mercy another church mess. According to internet rumors, it's alleged that Pastor Keith McQueen of Powerhouse Church, was not truthful and up front about the makeup of his church when he approached, The House Of God Church about sharing space at the church. The social media crowd is saying because they were not honest and  didn't disclose what type of church they were, that the pastor of The House of God Church has every right to tell them no. Do you agree?

A church congregation that was expecting to share space with another was forced to worship outside on Sunday. Now, the pastor is threatening to take legal action. The pastor of Powerhouse Church of Indianapolis gave 24-Hour News 8 a copy of the contract he had with The House of God Church to use its facility. He said when they showed up for their first service this morning, they weren’t allowed inside. Source:


  1. According to his Bio: Pastor Keith McQueen was in the city of Atlanta working in the Banking Industry and serving as the International Youth President of the Affirming Pentecostal Church International when the Lord prompted him to relocate to the city of Indianapolis. After talking to ministry friends in the Midwest he was offered a position as the Administrative Pastor of a local chapter of The Affirming Pentecostal Church International. After being released by his Pastor and Bishop, Bishop O.C. Allen, he drove to Indianapolis with his assistant. Two months after Pastor McQueen’s arrival, the Senior Pastor of the Church closed the local Affirming Pentecostal Church. After much prayer, counsel and fasting, the Spirit prompted Pastor McQueen

    to start a ministry: A church for ALL people but without emphasis on distinctions. The emphasis would be on the transformative POWER of the Spirit of God and deliverance through the WORD. Thus the name Powerhouse Church of Indianapolis was birthed.

  2. In the article, it is stated that the Powerhouse Church was supposed to share the space with House of God. It's a common practice...a lot of times when a new church starts up and they don't have a worship facility, they will contract with another church to use their space. It's not that the other church is no longer using it. The established church maintains their regular service times and the new church contracts to use the building at a time or times different from the host church (i.e., the host church's morning service runs from 11am-1pm and then the new church holds their service at 3pm in the same space).

  3. I'm so sick of this MESS! The "real" church isn't built on FILTH!

  4. The Bible CLEARLY says their minds will become so inflicted with untruth that God himself will ALLOW them to believe they are right. There shall never be homosexuals, gays, lesbians, etc. in heaven. That is the Word of God. Your minds has been blinded with lies.


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