An Australian Man Had A Microchip Inserted Into His Hand So That He Can Do More With The iPhone 6!

I know we are all aware of what's coming next, but last night I found this little item in my news feed. I found it interesting that it's being done for the iPhone 6, 6 being the number of man, we are getting close. Lord come soon.

A Brisbane man is living the life of the future after having a microchip implanted under his skin so he can control electronic devices with just a wave of a hand. Ben Slater had a radio-frequency identification microchip - which has similar measurements to a grain of rice - injected into his left hand through a syringe two weeks ago at a Melbourne tattoo parlour. The advertising director's move comes as technology enthusiasts eagerly await the unveiling of the iPhone 6 in two days time.


  1. We need to be careful and watchful. In Revelations, Chapter 13, the second beast, which represents the false prophet will cause everyone to receive the mark.


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