Warning To Prophet TB Joshua Not To Accept Ebola Victims At His Synagogue Church??

As the deadly Ebola epidemic continues to wreck havoc on West African countries, the Lagos state government on Sunday stepped up its surveillance to ensure infected nationals of affected countries do not sneak into Nigeria.

Officials of Lagos State Ministry of Health and the Federal Government visited the General Overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet Temitope Joshua seeking his cooperation in ensuring Ebola victims are not brought to his church for healing.


  1. There is no sickness too hard for God to heal. God had used my father in the lord tb Joshua to heal so many sickness. The prophet is a law abiding citizen and he's ready to co-operate with d lagos state govt. But no withstanding God can still use him to reach out to those affected countries, our God has his own ways of doing things. like he tb Joshua always says'' DISTANCE IS NOT A BARRIER'' !!!

  2. The church like all men of God, play dual roles . One is spiritual and the other social. It is on this premise, every responsible man of God should reason and work with government. I believe God can heal all diseases plus those sent as a result of sin to punish the people. But haven said that, I think it is better to use our healing power / common sense to heal or solve the known problems rather than court a new one. In the church, there are different levels of faith, while the man of God and a few followers may have d faith a million more may not have. Just imagine the consequences if these faithless millions ( usually in the majority in churches)contact the disease?. Wisdom is profitable to direct. God save your people Nigeria

  3. This whole thing is just very funny. I think most people have been blindfolded by religion & are just not thinking rationally. Most of the doctors who treated Ebola victims have contracted the disease yet TB JOSHUA is not afraid to come in contact with these victims. I think that's what it means to be superhuman. I think the rational thing is to find out the source of this man's confidence rather than criticize him. If it is Satan, then let him show me that Satan that is so kind that he removes sickness from people instead of giving it to them. If it is God, let him point me to that God who is so powerful that He keeps His own even when everyone else is in danger & dying. I'm not ready to be blindfolded by religion, I want to know what works. Whatever it is that TB JOSHUA has works, We ought to go to him & find out what it is. Let him show it to us. This is how to think.

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