Question: Why Does Gospel Rap Struggle For Acceptance?

The above question has opened up a can of worms on this secular site here. But if truth be told, when you look into the life of many gospel singers there's a certain level of fakeness and a certain amount of posturing in ALL music. Very interesting piece.
"And that’s the problem with most gospel rap, it’s talking at us. It’s preachy even if it’s not supposed to be. The person at church that does the talking that’s important is the preacher. He’s giving you lessons for daily living. But he’s not talking to you, he (or she) is talking at you. It’s the gig. Same problem with Tyler Perry movies. It’s all heavy-handed. There’s no nuance. Instead of making a movie, he’s making a message with a movie wrapped around it. Most folks would take a message out of things they do, even by accident anyway so no need to beat me over the head with it". Rest Here:


  1. The good news will nvr find acceptance to the unsaved bc it smells like death to them whereas its refreshing to the saved. Not a bad article but I'm assuming it's coming from the angle of an unsaved person.

  2. Gospel rap isn't worship. I dont want to hear the same sounds that sinners party to being camouflaged as gospel. The "new" church folk want to have the best of both worlds with no clear distinction between the church and the streets.

    1. So u dont like Gospel Rap at all even the ones who CLEARLY dont care about crossing over and u can get a whole sermon in their songs?

      Also do u think Lecrea music is good or whack?

    2. No, I don't like it at all. It does nothing for me. Lecrae's music is EXTREMELY nice for a secular audience, I just can't get into it as gospel music. It doesn't take me to a place of worship.

    3. Do u listen to any "regular" rap ie Jay-Z, Kanye, Jeezy, Weezy, Drake, Ross, etc? And if u do, why do u like that and not gospel rap?

    4. Yes, I have listened to regular rap and I liked it for what it is. But my love of gospel music includes a combination of the words, melodies, and harmonies in the song. I mentally associate certain sounds with gospel music, other sounds with hip hop, and so on. So just adding "Jesus" and spiritual content to a hip hop beat isn't gospel music for me. That's just my personal taste and why I don't like gospel rap.

  3. Several decades ago secular rap had trouble with acceptance as well because of their hardcore messages & aggressive tones.

    It seems like the same argument with (SOME) Christian rap. Hardcore in your face Jesus freaks, make some people uneasy.

  4. Gospel rap is weird to me. But, to each its own.

  5. During a performance of the song entitled , I know the truth by Shirley Caesar, Tye Tribbett filled in for Tonex and Tye did a rap on his part . I normally don't listen to rap music but, I really enjoyed it . I think gospel singers can really help gospel rap artist if they collaborate, introducing them to a audience that would not normally listen to rap. Sometimes you need the help of those who have already been where you are trying to go.


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