Question: Should The Church, Bow To The Whims Of Our Dysfunctional Society?

In my opinion, putting unwed mothers (the term implying that she became pregnant outside of marriage) into leadership positions sends the wrong message and violates Biblical prescription.  Also, for me this issue cuts across more than one theological issue. The church bowing to the whims of our dysfunctional society serves no one and harms everyone....In my opinion!

When Philadelphia's St. Paul Baptist Church hired the Rev. Leslie Callahan as its first female pastor in 2009, she was nearing her 40th birthday, and the tick-tock of her biological clock was getting hard to ignore. She delighted in her ministry but also wanted a husband and children in her life. The husband she couldn't do much about; he just hadn't stepped into her life...... Rest here!


  1. According to the article ," The first wave of ordained women may not have considered unmarried motherhood an option, she said.
    "But I would not be surprised to see more as time goes on," she said. "The women groomed for ministry are different now."
    More changes to come as more and more women are ordained. And I will now add, as more lesbians and homosexuals are also ordained.

  2. "Having children on her own"...what exactly does that mean?? IJS!

  3. In my opinion the sister has definitely broken the glass ceiling.

  4. She adopted this child! So, what's the issue?

    1. Anonymous, I agree there's nothing wrong with adoption, if not mistaken two of the women mentioned in the linked article are adoptive mothers; now that I don't see nothing wrong with following that route. My thing is the unwed woman pastor, who's in the role of pastor that decides to have a baby the old fashion way is what I frown up on.

    2. Ann, I get that, but this woman didn't, so I see no issue with her. Now, if a pastor, man or woman, has a child, the natural way, and they're not married, I can see why some would have an issue with it, but not this lady.

    3. Anonymous I only used Rev. Callahan pic with the article. No way am I saying she did anything wrong. I agree she did it the RIGHT way.

    4. the right way is the Biblical way... we must stop bowing down to the ways of the world... the message that's being sent is definitely the wrong message... in a day and time where the men are being cut from the family... for a preacher to adopt or have a baby on her own, sends the message that fathers/men are no longer needed... we must stop putting the cart before the horse... if her biological clock was ticking... perhaps she should have examined why and sought God's face... in the same Bible she preaches from, there are many accounts of women who were getting old and didn't have a family... when they prayed and God answered their prayers... this preacher clearly didn't wait on God...


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