Question Of The Day: Should Long Time Girl Friend Loretta Ask Bishop Noel Jones To Marry Her?

According to Sister2Sister, Bishop Noel Jones received a shock during the “Preachers of L.A.” after the show when his longtime “friend” Loretta Jones expressed her true feelings about their relationship. Loretta told Noel while co-stars Ron and Lavette Gibson looked on.
“I’m happy the way things are, but if he proposes to me, I will accept.”
I, know times have changed, but there are some issues that are definitely not up for compromise. Now, in my honest opinion Loretta should not have to propose to Noel Jones.... and if she is ever forced to go down on one knee like the sister done in a picture,  that was posted and went viral last month online, then Bishop Jones doesn't deserve her.

So the question that's being thrown around on social media, should Loretta ask Bishop Jones to marry her?


  1. No way should she propose to Bishop Jones ! He is an intelligent, articulate, Pastor who has had to counsel and advise hundreds of people down through the years, I imagine. He ,(in my opinion) is using their well known relationship as a PAWN, to keep all those other silly women/maybe men too, in their place. I have seen this before when there is a single pastor. They have an attractive, confident , strong female, confidant & friend who they display publicly/socially, yet they secretly date and carouse with many different women. When they get exposed or have problems with their girl friends, they run and hide behind their faithful friend and that seems to appease their critics. As if to say, " see this is my woman right here ". Loretta would make certain types of women think twice about trying to move into her position in his life. Noel also seems too passive about their relationship, but we can see he is very close & connected to her. She obviously loves him and has accommodated her life to fit the relationship. Some men with Power, Money and Prestige play many elaborate ( emotional, mental, social ) games and then act like they are not aware of their close friends true feelings. Sis Loretta said out of her own mouth, " I`m happy the way things are,....." . So it would seem there is no strong sexual attraction on either of their parts since they alluded to a sexless relationship. They know they cant fornicate without feeling guilty and displeasing to God and their congregation. That would be living in sin/backslidden. I cant judge their soul because that`s up to God. However, If they do not have strong sexual feelings for one another then the attraction may be a selfish , business one and it may be fulfilling a common desire for companionship. When a man loves a women and he is free, what in the world can stop him from asking her to marry him if they already know they are saved & compatible ? ? ? If Noel doesn't want to marry Loretta after spending all that precious time with her then he has personal problems we are not privy too. I wouldn't let a man string me along for 16 years. I would still love him but, " What`s love got to do with it ? " I would have to move on and let him find someone else to play the constant companion " GAME ". I only wish they had kept all this private.

  2. I love how bishop Ron Gibson made it plain... Bishop Noel Jones isn't going to marry that woman... Why buy the cow when he's getting the milk for free... I also love how Bishop Ron Gibson refuse to compromise his integrity or his church integrity for popularity...

    Bishop Ron keeps it 100 and we need more preachers that keeps it real like he does...

  3. Rev K. A. C. you may agree with the Christian principles that Pastor Ron Gipson tried to relay concerning Bishop Noel Jones and Sister Loretta, however, Ron was not rebuking in love, in my opinion! He was brash, full of ungodly pride, he ran his mouth too much, and cut off others trying to express themselves. He also revealed that he has a bad temper. We saw how Ron`s wife tried to calm him down and he even snapped at her. He is a hot-tempered mess! His spirit was awful and arrogant. He came off as very self-righteous and unloving. He may have made it plain, however his spirit was haughty and mean. Ron , in my opinion compromised his integrity by allowing a demonic spirit of pride to overtake him. He was a hot mess and if you think you can correct others yet remain in the flesh ,its because your love has grown cold. Whether Bishop Noel Jones marries Sis Loretta or not, we all need to look in the mirror and rebuke the hypocrite staring back at us. We are soooo ready to condemn without any facts. We don't know the status of their relationship. Bishop Jones said it wasn't sexual, yet folks want to say he is a liar. Talking about a cow, how bout the "backsliding Heifer" that walks around in ungodly pride? How about that ! ! Did you sample the cows milk you now enjoy? You cant talk about the cow given free milk without talking about the "bull"! When Jesus talked to the woman at the well, he didn't castigate her, nor did he beat down Mary Magdalene who was full of the devil. Use the example Christ left us and stop acting like you have never fell into sin. You old self righteous folks want to cut up people you don't even know and judge them off of rumors and gossip. Two wrongs don't make a right! We all need to repent and get right !

    1. He may no longer be a street gangsta, but he is a Christian gansta. Just as bad. Chew em up and spit em out. Not a good look. He's taking this way too far. He's rebuked Bishop Noel publicly over and over and over and over. The manner is which you mete out judegment is the way you will receive judgement. When you are that harsh, there is always someone waiting in the wings to uncover you sin. So, Pastor Ron had better me warned; someone is digging through his life's trash right now. This can't be how God would want this show used. Pastor Ron has some valid points and I get it. But, Bishop Jones like everyone else has to "come to himself" with regard to his relationship with Sis Loretta.. Both of them, like all of us is "flawed and cracked". We all need a healing. All sin and sin like behavior involves "lust of the flesh or lust of the eye or pride of life."

  4. Noel Jones will not be marrying Loretta any time soon for three reasons.

    1. As stated in previous comments. "Why buy the milk when you can get the cow for free". This is a true statement even among so called bishops.

    2. Noel isn't gonna give up his PLAYA CARD. In his 15 plus year "relationship" with Loretta, Noel has dated Lisa Raye and had a child by another woman in 2012.
    Why buy the milk when the cows everywhere are all over you. Noel is the picture of the really old guy still hanging around the club thinking he still has some swag.

    3. If After 15 years of being "FRIENDS, LOVERS, BFF's or what ever they call each other. If Noel hasn't figured out if Loretta is the one he never will.

  5. Concerning Ron Gibson's attitude: sometimes there is something known as 'righteous indignation' maybe Ron like God is sick of Noel Jones playing games. He isn't stupid! If you believe that Noel Jones is NOT having sex with that girl, I have a bridge I want to sell you in Detroit that comes with lights and everything! I TOTALLY agree with Cop. Girlfriend needs to walk away and connect to a man that REALLY appreciates her.

  6. Mr jones is disqualified for the office/role/ job of a bishop according to I Tim 3. He needs to repent and obey the Lord. As far as their decision to marry or not, that is for them to decide. However, given his Christian witness, or lack thereof, if Loretta was my daughter, I would advise her against making such a bad decision. And given her witness, as shown on TV, she needs to repent and obey the Lord

  7. What man can take fire in his bosom and not get burned. Avoid the very appearance of evil. These are some scriptures that come to mind concerning this debacle. And we are not stoning or condemning the two of them, but we are saying to them, as Jesus said, go and sin no more.

  8. He will NEVER marry her or any other woman. The fact that she stayed around all those years made it ok for him not to marry her. He was getting everything he wanted. She needs to realize he doesn't want her in that way.

  9. I hope she don't ask him to marry her. It was a little painful to see her crying on the after show. I know we all have lesson that life will teach us, but good gracious does it take 17 years to learn he does not want you in his life with a title of respect. Please move on you have so much to offer to a man who wants and respects you. Stop denying yourself a life of happiness and fulfillment that you deserve and apparently desire. Noel is just so suspect to me. Our mouths can speak many words, but the truth is usually found in our tears.

  10. No, Loretta shouldn't ask Bishop Jones to marry her. She would forever regret it. How can he not know that she loves him? Someone is not being truthful.


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