Question Of The Day: Is Conducting The Funeral Of A Homosexual Person An Endorsement Of Homosexuality?

I would think not, but of course everyone doesn't agree.  According to the Rev. T.W. Jenkins of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Tampa, Florida, it is an endorsement in his eyes. And because of that kind of thinking is why, Faithful America  is once again taking action and speaking out against prominent figures who manipulate Christianity, 'in the name of God,' to advance political and personal agendas of hate.

Faithful America, is a very large and fast-growing online community of Christians. Faith America is petitioning Rev. T.W. Jenkins for canceling a funeral after learning the deceased man, Julion Evans, was gay. Well, that's the preacher's story, and he's sticking to it. The unthinkable part of Jenkins's decision was that he called off the funeral the night before, and notified the family - at the wake. Faithful America jumped in to demand an apology from Jenkins, as well as state that Jenkins's actions do not reflect the beliefs of all Christians, nor the message of Jesus. Here is a message Faithful America sent out this week:
"Julie Atwood was at her son's wake, standing next to his casket, when she got the news: The church was canceling the funeral because her son was gay. Rev. T.W. Jenkins of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Tampa, Florida, told Julie that he'd read in the newspaper obituary that her son was married to another man and decided that holding the funeral would be "blsphemous." This story is generating national headlines, but so far Jenkins is only doubling down, saying his church plans to 'continue to stand on the word of God.' We need to show Pastor Jenkins -- and the media who are covering the story -- how many Christians are appalled by how he's misrepresenting our faith and hurting Julion Evans's grieving family." Petition: Tell Florida pastor: Apologize for canceling gay man's funeral.
 Petition Here!  

Should the Church have Refused Funeral for Gay Man?


  1. There is a malignant form of Christianity and this is but one example. Thanks to faithful America for their work in exposing it and promoting a religion of true love and peace, a true honor to Christ.

  2. Disgusting behavior. He should not have the right to call himself a pastor.

  3. Oh my goodness. I just discovered their organization, and I just have to say - this is the best thing I've heard in years. I thought there weren't any of this kind of Christians left. Can not tell you how refreshing and welcome you are.

  4. Who the heck make people of the clergy think they are better than anyone else?? Who is anyone to judge anyone else?? He should be fired.

  5. I eagerly await hearing about the rest of the sins that will get one un-funeralized at this church...divorce, fornication, adultery, self-righteousness, gluttony, theft, jealousy, greed...I Guess the church will never have another funeral!

  6. Please read I Corinthians 5:9 - 13! This verse sounds cruel. But Church is not only about love, love , love its also about fear of God, morality and discipline!

    Who cares how many Christians are appalled! The clergy are not better than anyone else. But they have a moral responsibility towards God and the Church! I respect Rev. T. W. Jenkins who cares more about God than these phony Christians! I hope he holds on to his conviction amidst the persecution by fellow Christians. Jesus has clearly told us that the path that leads to eternal life is narrow and only few will find it. So it doesn't matter about the number of Christians who may find it appalling! Only God should not appall at our decisions! Read what happens if God is appalled (Revelations 2:21-23).

    If its a Church funeral the pastors have to counsel and comfort the family with the glorious hope of resurrection and eternal life! What will they tell the person's family? or these phony Christians want Rev. Jenkins to lie to the family?

    Even if New Hope Missionary Baptist Church will have never another funeral its not going to shake it a bit. Read what sort of funeral Peter conducted for Ananias and his wife Acts 5:1-11. I don't know what these phony Christians will ask of the Church next! They may ask to plant their favorite idols in the pulpit and sue the pastors for hurting their emotions if that doesn't happen

  7. I will ask the question with a question.

    Would having a funeral of a person who was hooked on crack promote drug abuse?
    Would the funeral of a person who committed suicide promote people to take their own lives?

    Of course not.

    Let's face it. This church and their pastor are so AFRAID of how having a homosexual in their church would APPEAR they can't even tolerate them in the church for a funeral for a few hours.


    As Christians we should jump at the chance to have people living sinful lives as an audience.
    Does this church spread the gospel to homosexuals? Or are they not worthy to hear it.

    A funeral may not be the best place to try to show them the gospel it maybe uncomfortable to have them in your church and people may start to talk about you.

    But being a Christian isn't about being comfortable, or waiting for the perfect timing or pleasing everyone around you. It's about introducing people to Christ.

    showing them the door will for certain win ZERO SOULS and make your entire church look like unloving Christians who only have funerals for perfect people.

  8. Sis. Johnson son got shot. He gets a church funeral. Sis. Smith's daughter kills herself. She gets a church funeral. Bro. Jackson's nephew died of a drug overdose. He gets a church funeral. One common thing that binds all church funerals together is that the person is dead. It's a fact. A pastor will bury more sinners than Saints. End of story.

  9. Allot of Pastors get the dirt on allot on there people in there church when they die, the truth just comes out about the persons life some of which would shock the congregation, some thing are better not mentions in public, and just have a private service, it is like having a baby dedication and the women are not married no husband just mama and the Grandparents and the baby, and you see that, and you wonder why, is this right?

  10. And we still don't know if this person asked Jesus into his life....


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