Morris Cerullo 2014 “Mission to London, ” His Last “Crusade” To England!

Lord have mercy, Morris Cerullo’s claims that he is an “apostle and prophet of God” with a hotline to the Almighty enabling him to act as a conduit for healing the sick is what infuriates critics.

Let me say this I believe in healing and only Jesus heals, and the bible warns us, many false prophets will come, and still they come. According to online chatter, Morris Cerullo made his last healing crusade in London, England on Aug 8, 2014.

Morris Cerullo is an ordained Assembly of God Minister and Healing Evangelist. His personal ministry mansion and two-storey home is over 12,000 sq ft. It is behind two secured gates in the richest neighborhood in America and has been estimated at over $12 million. Mr. Cerullo and his wife are the only two that live there, and report that they are on the foreign field 70% of the time... what a waste of God's money!

Check out the clip below!


  1. Unless this snake-oil salesman can prove his claims he should be prevented from making them- and prosecuted if he continues to do so.

  2. Not only Morris Cerullo, all these cults make promises they can’t fulfil, also Share anent the world teacher where the level is higher in a modest way, but if you have a problem like I had in my back they will cure for you, the master, you can say goodbye to your life, or prepare for life-long and every-day humiliation, also from them.

  3. Apostle Of The InternetThursday, 14 August, 2014

    This man is known in the West Indies, as is Benny Hinn, who has visited T&T twice or three times. After Benny Hinn's first visit, when he claimed certain miracle cures the local media followed up the cases. Each was found to be a temporary "adrenalin fueller" improvement. Cerullo and Hinn and others like him are no better than con artists. In the case of the girl who died because she stopped essential medicine after he claimed a miracle cure for her, he should definitely have been charged with manslaughter.

  4. The reverend is 82 years old and not one grey hair on his head that I can discern. I personally googled 'Cerullo 2014' and viewed CURRENT photos of the reverend's head. I studied the many photos of his head with a MAGNIFYING glass, which is a tool of SCIENCE. I concluded that this does indeed qualify as a miracle. What does it take to convince you people?

    1. Hair dye works.

    2. @ Bessie

      YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS. Please tell me your being sarcastic.

      You used a magnifying glass (AKA, a tool of science) to view an ONLINE PHOTO
      to see if this mans hair and because you CONCLUDE IT'S NOT GRAY it's prove of a Miracle???

      But hair dye does work.


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