Kudos and High Five To Bishop Rudolph McKissick Jr. For Taking On The "fire challenge"!!

Lord have mercy, I am so glad to hear somebody is trying to get the word out about how dangerous this new activity can be....that got some teens trying out. The “fire challenge” involves teenagers pouring an ignitable liquid, often rubbing alcohol, on their bare skin and then lighting themselves on fire.  The photos and video taken by a witness are subsequently uploaded to various social media sites.

A partnership in greater Jacksonville FL, is being formed locally to fight what has become popular on social media -- challenges. In the spotlight now are young people who set themselves on fire and share video of the experience on social media. Bethel Baptist Institutional Church, is teaming up with Duval County Schools to help reach young people on the dangers of the challenges. Source: First Coast News


  1. Isn't this common sense and not to sound callous but if you are stupid enough to light yourself on fire you deserve what you get? It is literally basic common sense, it is so simple it is also beyond common sense: Lighting yourself on fire is dangerous.

  2. What does this "challenge" prove? idiots.

  3. Kids have been doing stupid and crazy stunts since the beginning of time. We are just unfortunately blessed to watch these stupid stunts on social media.

  4. Common sense is a blessing.

  5. Great comment I found at the Grio: Our young people are in desperate need of guidance and attention from their parents. No child that is being nurtured properly would do something like this if their parents are actively involved in their lives. We have seen these videos on the internet for a few weeks now, yet kids are still doing it. If I heard of such a thing occurring I would IMMEDIATELY have a sit down with my child and warn them of the dangers of such negative behavior and inform them not to do it. Kids left to themselves will get into anything they can imagine and I am by no means saying that kids are going to be perfect even with a parent totally involved in their lives. What I am saying is that in most cases, events like this are a cry for attention they are not receiving from someone. Parents, ensure that you talk to your kids and advise them of the dangers of these pathetic "games" going on these days. Whether it be the "pass out game" or the "cold water challenge" or the "fire challenge," let's challenge our kids to get GOOD GRADES and BECOME THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW. The parents must lead the way though and I fear that isn't happening in many instances. Sad, but so very true.

  6. The devil is real and he is very busy... He have most of this generation in his hands.... They obviously don't value life... SMH

  7. I pray that the bishop and his church can get through to these kids. I don't know what is wrong with these kids. They should know that setting yourself on fire is crazy and dangerous. I hope that they stop doing that after reading about the horrible things that happen to other kids.


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