HOT TOPIC: Should ‘Gay Christians’ Work In Children’s Ministry?

How can one guide children in the biblical way and be a homosexual? That's the question that's being asked by many in the Christian community.  A recent incident in Lubbock, Texas is rekindling the debate over whether or not gay men should serve in children’s ministry. During a planned field trip, Casey Stegall, a 22-year-old college student who calls himself a gay Christian, introduced some teens from a Christian children’s home at which he works to his gay “fiance.”

 He was accused of engaging in public displays of affection with his partner. Stegall denies it but nevertheless was terminated. Children’s Home of Lubbock, a nonprofit ministry in west Texas that’s been serving children since 1954, swiftly fired Stegall for essentially sanctioning homosexuality in a Christian ministry that’s working to bring “hope, healing, a sense of worth and value to the lives of fatherless, abused and neglected children.” Source:


  1. Based upon biblical principles I would say no they shouldnt serve but that doesnt stop the Church from putting them in many diff positions including Choir directors or leaders of the dance ministries smh.

  2. This is an obvious answer...NO! How can a person living in iniquity and darkness lead anyone else out of darkness. I believe the Bible calls it the blind leading the blind!


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