Church Announcement: LeAndria Johnson & The Mississippi Mass Choir Return To The Sunday Best Stage.

Tune in to BET tonight as LeAndria Johnson goes back to the show she won 4 years ago ( Sunday Best) with The Mississippi Mass Choir and DESTROYSSSSSSS the stage!!!! Trust me, you don't want to miss this!! Only on BET 8 pm EST.


  1. I really enjoyed this!! They really got into my spirit. I wish there was more traditional choir music around. I like some of the contemporary stuff but most of it doesn't touch me like songs like these do.

  2. I'm wondering if Leandria has repented of her fornicating lifestyle, especially since she is a "pastor". The scripture that says that fornicators shall not inherit the kingdom of God is still in the bible, yes?! God can and does forgive all sins( except blasphemy of the Holy Spirit), but not until we repent.

  3. Is Leandria Johnson pregnant?

    1. Anonymous is there a problem with her being pregnant? I don't get it, Ms. Johnson do have a husband.


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