Church Announcement: Dr. E. Dewey Smith Got 50 Questions About The Mike Brown Report.


  1. Thank God for Dr. E.Dewey Smith and those Clergy who are taking a stand. Get out of The Four Walls of The Church and say something. They killing our black boys.

  2. Wow! Dr.Smith these are valid questions!!!!

  3. I bet there will be NO answers to those questions...

  4. Apostle Of The InternetSaturday, 16 August, 2014

    Comment from Facebook: His questions were relevant and thought provoking. We need answers to those basic questions. He had one question that was on my mind the minute I heard the new evidence..."Even IF an UNARMED Brown "robbed" the store for cigars & had a "confrontation" with the Officer, does that warrant being killed?" This to me is the simplest question of all and this is where the real argument takes place and the same argument I had with the Trayvon Martin tragedy...why the excessive force? Why is the value of life of these young men so minuscule to these people that they think they can kill our black men at a their discretion. Is this not just another form of lynching (albeit the tree and rope??)That is our fight! We have to as a community put value in our lives. We have to start valuing our own lives. We have to acknowledge our worth before we can have another person place value on our worth. If we continue to fail in doing this others (white, Hispanic, Indian and yes, even our own people) will always treat us like that "negro". I am a mother of three boys and I have fear everyday that NOT ONLY the police place no value to my children's lives but their peers equally feel they have no value. People don't recognize that my black boys are worth something to me, to God, to their other extended family. If they can live long enough they may just finish college and accomplish something great for their block, community, state, region, country or the world. But sadly, people don't value what my black child's life is worth! This story like countless others is so much for me to take in. My heart goes out to his mother.

  5. Straight up....anytime the story keeps changing with respect to the robbery someone is lying. Finally the robbery has zero to do with the murder of this young man.
    How does the shooter leave the crime scene with car and no one is allowed in that same area because it's deemed a crime scene?

  6. We need answers to these questions. And we need them fast!


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