Because Of Their Religious Beliefs Christian Wedding Boutique Refuses Dresses For Lesbian Couple?

I knew it was coming after the Hobby Lobby decision was handed down. Which has in my opinion, going to open a Pandora's Box of unintended consequences, as yet another business, open to the general public, decides it will pick and choose its customers based on its own "deeply held" religious beliefs. This is outright discrimination no matter how anyone tries to say it is not.
 "W.W. Bridal Boutique owner Victoria Miller tells a newspaper that “providing those two girls dresses for a sanctified marriage would break God’s law.

Again, why is anyone surprised by this and to be honest, why would you want to give them your business anyway; I certainly would not give them my money or have them make my dress with those nasty vibes.  In my opinion simple remedy shop at places you know that are accepting, and that provide equal service & respect to all their customers, and support those stores.


  1. Disgusting! One question: Is this the only bridal shop in town or within driving distance? If no, then it's an attention-grabbing politically-motivated stunt where the end goal is destruction of a business who's owners have a different worldview than the actors here and thus must be punished as they attempt to "normalize" their chosen lifestyle.

  2. The only argument I can find with the bridal shop owner is the notion that this in any way would be a "sanctified marriage". If she's uncomfortable with the customers, then she should in no way be obligated to take their money. If they're uncomfortable with the owner, then they should likewise in no way be obligated to spend their money at that business. Where did this idea that the customer (or potential customer) runs the business come from?

  3. I could see the homosexual community purposely seeking out businesses who don't support the homosexual agenda JUST so they can take them to court and shut them down.

    At some point they will find a church and a pastor who refuses to marry a same sex couple and they will send the pastor to jail.

    1. You're absolutely right... I'm waiting to be asked so I could be the first one to go to jail... I don't care what laws congress passes... They don't trump God's Word...

  4. I agree with you!

    Eventhough no one openly asks anyone what faith they profess before delivering the service here it is a clear case of defilement of marriage sanctity and offending religious beliefs. In the Bible it also teaches that we can refuse to entertain people because of our belief so that we are not partakers of their crime (II John 9 - 11).

    The Bible clearly tells that some sins are committed by people out of ignorance (Acts 17:30; I Timothy 1:13) but homosexuality is a purposeful rebellion against God's institution and order (Romans 1:21-28).

    Again the entire book of Jude is also devoted to this. Note Jude verse 4 which clearly says how they use the grace of God as a license to commit immorality. See Jude verse 7 it talks about the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah which we know was homosexuality (Genesis 19:4-9) and if you read the entire book of jude we can find similarities between romans first chapter and Jude about the horrendous nature of homosexuality and the condemnation from God.

    Sometimes Christians mistakenly think that all sins are equal. It is not so Read I John 5:16, 17. That's why Jude clearly says that we have to fight for the faith that has been handed to us (verse 3). We also should show discernment on whom to show mercy and whom we have to pull out from fire (verse 22, 23).


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