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Sad, To See Another Church Close It Doors Because Of Financial Problems and Predatory Lending Practices By A Bank.

Reader according to research, on an average day in the United States, nine churches close their doors for good. This isn’t often talked about, partly because it’s not exactly breaking news. Church professionals know the trends: church membership and religious affiliation are declining. Relatively few churches are growing. It’s particularly hard to talk about your own church’s demise. It’s not easy to say what sometimes needs to be said: “It’s time for our church to close.”

Religious leaders in Bridgeport announced last Saturday that one of the biggest churches in the city was shutting down this past week.  Parish officials say the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit on Union Avenue is in foreclosure and the bank will take possession of the building. According to former Bishop Kenneth Moale's wife, the church is in need of $150,000 by this past Monday to keep the bank from foreclosing on the church.

Retired White Preacher, Pastor Sets Himself On Fire To Raise Awareness Of The Injustice To African Americans!

Lord have mercy, retired noble preacher, pastor Charles Moore gave his life to draw attention to the suffering of others. I have always viewed and thought of racism as a heart condition.    According to the internet, pastor Charles Moore (pictured) sets himself on fire on June 23 at a Grand Saline, Texas, strip mall parking lot, he was reportedly prayerful that his act of suicide did not go in vain.

Pastor Moore, who had dedicated his life to fighting against racism, left behind a suicide note that reportedly states he has decided to kill himself because he was haunted by the yesteryear lynchings of African Americans and wanted his death to inspire social reform, according to the New York Daily News. 

 He was probably preaching that hate is wrong for years and felt that giving his life would make people pay some attention finally.  RIP, Mr. Moore, people have died for less, for me your death had meaning.


  1. WOW! I can maybe think of hundreds of other ways to make my point. Staying alive and spreading the word could have kept the dialogue going.

  2. Reverend Moore seemed an extraordinary man. To be so moved by the plight of others that you no longer see your own needs - true compassion. Corporate Media works to keep this quiet since compassion like that, adopted by the people, will free us all.

    1. And what good did this do, for him or the people he did it for?? Stupid.

    2. I am sorry, BUT lighting your self on fire IS NOT COMPASSION!!!

      I do appreciate his mindfulness of wanting to stop racism but The act of suicide doesn't exactly help the cause. It may fuel more passion in those helping him but I wonder if the people who could careless about racism would bat an eye at his act.

      Enough people have died fighting to end racism. We don't need to add to the body count with self martyrs.


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