Pastor Robert Jeffress Tells Fox: Jesus Would Have Wanted A Border Fence!

Wow, how sad. Texas megachurch Pastor Robert Jeffress on Thursday cited Jesus Christ to Fox News as reason that the federal government should build a border fence, which he said was the most compassionate thing that could be done for immigrant children.....I'm speechless.  Source:


  1. Something really mean-spirited about what he said.

    1. Conservatives are some mean folks.

  2. He is speaking for his rich and aspiring-rich followers. These people believe they are special and especially anointed by God. They are pushers of American exceptionalism, and are hyper-Republican, big-business oriented, and fear anybody or any circumstance that might ruin their specialty status. Talk to these people and their prime concern is their conservative Republicanism, which relates to their political and financial security, and to their "place" and fear of the other. It is for these reasons that a fence appeals to them more than compassion.

  3. This man is a a** hole I never liked the way WTF is a "pastor" doing commenting on immigration policy and mixing it with religion? I would like to file a formal complaint and his church's tax exempt status should be revoked as soon as possible.


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