New Campaign: An Awareness Campaign Targeting Minors Who Have Been Subjected To Sexual Abuse By A Family Member.

These are just disturbing. It doesn't offer a solution for a kid being abused. The article even says, "President of the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN), points out, the posters don’t offer any information on how to report the crime." And what kid is going to call the police on their family??

In a series titled “Princest Diaries,” an anonymous Middle Eastern artist who goes by the name Saint Hoax, is using Disney princesses to warn the world of rape by family members. Hoax made unauthorized posters of The Little Mermaid’s Ariel, Alladin’s Jasmine, and Sleeping Beauty’s Aurora being kissed by their just-as-recognizable fathers.

 On the bottom of each picture is a statistic: “46 percent of minors who are raped are victims of family members.” Apparently these numbers are from a 1992 Department of Justice report, but Time points to more recent numbers that put the percentage at 34.2 percent. Still. Hoax said the series was inspired by one of her close friends. Thoughts! Source:


  1. The images r disturbing but so is rape. Putting something out there to make ppl uncomfortable at least brings awareness and starts the convo. Im a dude and I've dated a lot of women and was even married before. Its shocking to me still how many of them were raped by family members and not just other ppl. I say that # is def higher in thr black community and also in any city or metro urban area ( i.e. Philly, Baltimore, DC, etc). In my experience I would say that maybe out of every 10 girls I dated talked to or knew 6 were raped. Thats a staggering # but u would b shocked how "common" it is in the hood. Nobody talks about it and that is also one of the MAJOR reasons why the intimacy in black relationships r lacking also why marriage #s r down and if married divorce #s r up. My ex was a victim of divorce when she was younger by a family member when she told nobody believed her and her attacker nvr got punished for it. It affected her life. She didnt like to be affectionately touched certain sexual practices weren't allowed etc. All bc of when she was younger. That affected her (she shut down and actually became bi polar) and also affected our marriage (obviously bc she is now my ex). Not enough is done on this subject IMO. Even the host of this blog might have been raped before (stats in my experience would probably say that she was). Sadly it's something that happens all the time but nobody talks about hidden in plain sight. Its y my kids do ZERO sleepovers w family members and nobody baby sits them unless its my mom thats it! Cant chance it. The ppl that rape u r the ones u nvr would have suspected. Watch ur kids... DONT TRUST ANYONE!!!

  2. Completely inappropriate 'awareness' ad!
    Just to begin with, none of the female characters were ever molested by their fathers!
    it will confuse ANY child who sees it into thinking that the female character's fathers are molesters, and will never see the actual female characters fathers [nor the female characters themselves], the same again!
    What are they expecting a child victim to do, turn their fathers in for kissing them???
    There are sexual kisses and there are plutonic kisses.
    Do they expect the child will know the difference merely by THESE ads?


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