Lord Have Mercy: Pastor Paula White Claims July Is 'Prophetically Designated for Victory Over Enemies???

According to the Christian Post, in a newsletter emailed to supporters this week, Florida pastor Paula White claims that God has shown her that “this is a season of victory for His people.” The Christian minister also reveals a strong feeling “that a seed of $229 in accordance with 1 Chronicles 22:9 is a breakthrough seed for the month of July,” and declares to recipients of her newsletter, “Do not hesitate to follow a prophetic instruction!”

 White, who formerly led Without Walls Church International with ex-husband Randy White, is senior pastor of New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida. In a newsletter emailed on Thursday to Paula White Ministries supporters, and titled “This Email Will Change Your Life!” White asserts: “YOU are on the verge of complete breakthrough in every area of your life. Spiritually, Financially, and Relationally God has shown me that this is a season of victory for His people.”


  1. Paula White Church “Destiny Christian Center” Vandalized by Wolves

    The Orlando Destiny Christian Center pastored by Paula White has had a slew of visitors recently: a pack of red wolves that frequent the church grounds nightly. The wolves were first spotted last month by a night watchman who stated, “At first they seemed skiddish as they pranced around the parking lot under the light of the pre-dawn moon. However, after a couple weeks the wolves cozied right up to the walls of the church and slept there for a few hours each night. I didn't think much of it until they began urinating all over the building. It was then that I realized something needed to be done about the foul situation.”

    As Florida Department of Wildlife officials decide what is the best course of action to take concerning the pack, scientists are debating why the wolves left the forests and began frequenting that specific location. Mark Todd, a biologist and member of Marathon, Florida Vineyard Church, thinks he knows the reason: “The vociferous and continuous howling of Paula White in her pulpit at Destiny Christian Center has summoned the red wolf pack right to her. Just this Sunday she stood in her pulpit and repeated shrillly, “Hoooowww will I buy replace my 2013 Lexus with the 2015 model unless you congregants sow your seeds into my ministry? Hoooowww will I remain in the celebrity Christian spotlight unless you congregants send me your firstfruit offerings?”

    For now, the red wolves have been allowed to continue their nightly prowls at the church. Scientists are using the opportunity to study their behavior and learn more about the fascinating canines. Today when Ms. White was asked for a comment concerning the red wolves, she simply smiled and stated, “They're beautiful creatures, and I don't mind them at my church at all.” With that, she left town in her jet to attend a preyer meeting with Todd Koontz and Benny Hinn.

    Left with the clean-up are church members and staff; so far they remain in denial about the stink and unhealthy conditions left by the wolf pack. One church member even stated to reporters, “They aren't wolves; they're just cute red dogs. We love 'um here at Destiny Christian Center. We just love 'um to death!”

  2. Now I swear, this chick is a piece of work!

  3. Now, I thought Miss Paula had became a “life coach”. Now she’s a minister again?

  4. Ok, I find it amazing that this woman has NO fear of God. She thinks because she is “charismatic” that she can flaunt the commands for a woman to be silent and not to be in authority over men. That is FINE, but DON’T CLAIM you are working for the same Lord I do.

    She aint above the Bible and she AIN’t Serving God. Anyone still pumping money into her is a fool.

  5. I'am not a fan of Paula White, she has no shame in her game. When a person will do or say anything for a buck, that speaks volumes. I remember the first time I saw Paula White on television. Oh did she have the crowd on their feet. People in the audience falling out and hooping and hollering. I tell you, she had the audience in a trance with that “sow a seed to get whatever you want” nonsense. Nothing she said was biblical, it was all about get rich, get healed by sowing a seed right NOW to HER ministry. It’s sad and pathetic, but as long as people think they can buy a blessing from God, they will continue to prescribe to Paula White’s silly and dangerous messages. Especially black folks!

  6. whats more dangerous is how she managed to deceived her way into becoming the pastor of New Destiny…

  7. Right Rev. Kareem!!!! And it's SAD the congregation fell for it!!!!

  8. Well this is the same church that allowed Zachary Tim's to stay in the pulpit after he left his wife and kids for a stripper.

  9. ministry changes your motives real fast. the lines get blurred and either God jerks you back or you just keep going. She will wake up one day. She had the right heart to begin with.

  10. Once a member for many years, after the death of Dr. Zachary Tim's, God gave me CLEAR revelation of what was going on within His HOUSE. The people needed to turn from their wicked and sinful ways at NDCC. I kept my eyes and ears tuned into God, to the end of my season at NDCC. We are to be servants unto the Lord. Biblical scripture says "whatever we do, be it works or deeds, do it unto the name of the Lord"! Many in this world has made mankind their idols in the house of God....IDOLATRY. Reading Gods word is the only TRUE instructions that will lead us down the path of righteousness. It helps us to do better, when we know better!


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