Lord Have Mercy: How Can A Pastor Get Arrested, Then Claim He Didn't Know That He Had Been Arrested?

Well, according to Passion For Truth Ministries leader, Pastor Jim Staley, that's exactly what happened to him, last week.  According to Sola Sisters Facebook page, Jim Staley, who's the leader of the fastest growing cult-like Hebrew Roots Movement, has indeed been indicted on federal wire fraud charges.

Facebook: I want to just let everyone know that I have just learned that I was technically arrested. I had no idea. There were no handcuffs, no police, no jail cells, nothing. My attorney got a call that I was accused (indicted) and they asked us to come down to fill out paperwork. I couldn't come down that day so we set an appointment for four days later.

 Then I went to a building downtown to answer the basic questions you would be asked at a doctor's  office. Then they asked me if I understood the accusations against me. I said yes. Then they had me sign a piece of paper and I left with my attorney and that was it. Of course my attorney knew but there was no reason I guess to sit me down and tell me you are being arrested. I didn't realize that was called arrested.

 Sorry, I'm still learning all the terms. It's sad that some are so quick to jump to conclusions that I was lying instead of thinking the best and waiting for a response. Be thankful that you are not a teacher cause the scriptures are definitely true. You are definitely judged more strictly!...and unfortunately by other sheep! In all our zeal for the truth, let us not forget the greatest Truth is the expression of the love for the brethren.

We would all do well to remember the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. I'm not seeing the whole pre-judging, critical spirit and exposing others "gifts". But, who am I to throw stones? I used to have those "gifts" of the wrong spirit at one time too. We are all on a journey. May YHWH be glorified through the storms of our lives! This is such an honor to be crushed by my King. Whether it is in a gentle hug, or in discipline, it is a privilege just to be touched by His hand. May all of you be blessed this Shabbat. Facebook!


  1. Either he thinks his congregation is stupid

  2. He showed ME what brand of lovin' he's into; A year-and-a-half ago he kicked me off his Facebook Site (PFT) for sharing insights into the Word from the Hebrew. Doesn't sound bad, does it? I didn't think so either, but apparently Jim doesn't like competition. I think he's suffering from a King Saul complex.


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