Lord Have Mercy: Ambassador Dr. Juanita Bynum Just Snatched A Couple Of Fake, Folks Facebook Pages!!

Get'em Ms. Bynum! Folks, use this kind of tactics to scam people into sending money to fake charities or to mess up folk reputation by posting scandalous things. Ms Bynum said she ain't having it. Check out what she posted.


  1. I would be more respectful of this story if the person (Juanita Bynum) taking Down the FAKE PAGES wasn't a FAKE DOCTOR.

  2. What is her PhD in?? You can only claim Dr if you have a PhD.

  3. She has a doctorate from Truth for Living Bible College which is UNACCREDITED and DOESNT (AND CAN'T) OFFER DOCTORATES.

    And I believe she has a few honorary doctorates but that doesn't allow her or anyone to call themselves DR.

    1. I agree with you Cop 1,000%!!!! People really need to study to show thyself approved so they won't be bamboozled by stuff like this!!!!


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