Jesus Take The Wheel: Protest Planned For The Mega-church Mars Hill Church!

Lord have mercy, former members of the Mars Hill Church plan to carry signs reading “QUESTION MARK” outside the mega-church’s Bellevue campus on Sunday morning, and deliver a message to its embattled senior minister, Mark Driscoll.

“You need to hear our case,” is how organizer Rob Smith, a former program director at the church, describes that message. “He (Driscoll) has been in an ivory tower and hears what those closest are telling. He hears what he wants to hear and that’s what they tell him.”  On Tuesday, dissenters released a controversial, vulgar 2000 proclamation from Driscoll, one that has long been deleted from the Mars Hill website.


  1. This is mortifying. It gives the entire visible church a black eye. I surely hope the upcoming protest has an impact on Driscoll and causes him to repent and step down.

  2. Mark Driscoll and his "church" have troubled me for years. This latest exposed rant is even worse than I could have imagined. When the first word he uses to describe men who are sensitive and caring to their fellow human beings is a word I'm not sure I can use on Facebook, well, it is heartbreaking. And the biggest question of all is how a man such as Mark Driscoll can attract so many followers and how a church like this can grow at the rate it has. Deeply, deeply troubling. His disdain for women is unbelievable, particularly in the church. This is not about Jesus and serving God. This is about Mark Driscoll and serving Mark Driscoll. And sadly, probably money, too.

  3. "Question Mark" is a funny sign. It sounds like news crews will be there...this could get interesting.

  4. Wow. This is getting interesting. Definitely will keep my eye on this.

  5. WOW!!! Just clicked that link smh I cant believe some of the stuff he said in that email/rant. Dude has lost his mind smh. If I was a member of that church I would have a REAL hard time to continue attending. I want to see his response if he reacts in pride or humility. Wow...


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