For The First Time: Deitrick Haddon Ex-wife, Damita Haddon, Breaks Her Silence!

Great read! There were very few stories that shook the Christian community like the love triangle involving Gospel artists Deitrick Haddon, Damita, and Isaac Carree. Through it all Damita Remained silent for over two years while going through the divorce process and continued to stay silent far beyond that. Ridiculed by ex-husband Deitrick Haddon on social media, the singer hit rock bottom when all the drama took place closely after her mother’s death.

Now for the first time the newly remarried singer speaks exclusively to Path MEGAzine about what really happened during her 15 year relationship with the singer, actor and “Preachers of LA” reality TV star Deitrick Haddon. Rest here!

Update: Dominique Haddon responds to Damita interview.

Some people will never own their mistakes and grow from them! I've learned a lot from all of mine and I'm mature enough to see my wrongs and have corrected them as best as I can! This doesn't make me better than anyone in any way, however, it does give me liberation & peace in knowing that I'm forgiven and I no longer live in that space! Furthermore, continuing to talk about an issue from the past robs you from living in your present! #thinkaboutit


  1. I'm glad they've both moved on and we will never know the whole TRUTH and I don't think we need or deserve to know because it will only keep this thing going. God bless all the marriages and families involved and I wish them all continual successes.

  2. That 2nd Ms. Haddon, is a trip or she wants attention where I'm from when one respond to a call out it mean you care....if she didn't care and have moved on her self she wouldn't have respond to what Damita the truth always hurt....she was sleeping with a married man, PERIOD.

    1. Exactly and no matter how Dominique tries to explain and justify her is still mess. I don't watch Preachers of LA and do not support Deitrick's music. (never have and never will) They will reap a harvest from the seeds they have sown.

    2. @Ipurifoy73 Deitrick's career and the success of Preacher's of LA will do well with or without your support...the evidence is in the #'s and the lives changed (obviously with you excluded). What you don't know is the whole story. ALL parties did some wrong in this situation but as long as they asked God (not man) for repentance, I'm sure he doesn't hold this over their heads. Only you people do.

  3. Very eye opening. So happy for Damita.

  4. I'm glad she has moved on and I understand why she did comment on her past marriage in the article . It seems like for whatever reason, people wont let her move on from subject of her past marriage, I guess because she really hadn't addressed it publically until now. Perhaps now that she has, she and her ex can happily move on without being questioned about past issues again. Wishing them both the best !

  5. just because your part in someone elses is past is something you wish to deny or forget about. You cannot stop people speaking their truth. Why should Damita hold her peace any longer. She has a right to speak about her side. If your husband divorced is former wife in 2011 and your daughter was born in 2011 you was with a married man and you knew this. Which may be why her gran/mum in the reality show was not all the way on board. the spirit of jezebel is real . nice to see they have all moved on though and I pray they place it all in God's hands. Happy Damita has found love and blessed with a new husband and that she got to speak up x

  6. The child was born in 2012, not 2011. Another example of people speaking about OTHER peoples business....with the wrong information. SMH


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