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Why Didn't Tasha Cobbs Show Up For The Woman of Gospel Event In Toronto Canada Last Night? Was It About The Money?

Reader, there are two sides to every story. People have heard one side and have become the judge, the jury, and the executioner. You cannot come to a conclusion just based off of one party allegedly telling the truth-that is nonsense. 

Anyhow rumors are being put forth on social media that Tasha Cobb refused to perform last night in Canada, because the venue hosting the event didn't have all her money.   What is in the dark, always comes to light. 

The Blood Of Jesus Covers The Bride Who Drags Newborn Down The Aisle On Her Wedding Dress!


I can't believe a bride would post a pic of herself dragging her newborn baby down the aisle on the back of her wedding dress, and think it was ok. I wonder why would the church allowed her to do such a foolish thing as this.  Then for her to get highly upset with social media for telling her it wasn't such a good idea or look.  Lord have mercy, a generation who can't/or won't take correction.  Anyhow, the young lady goes on a rant saying "We do what we want when we want long as Jesus on our side everything worked out fine and gone continue to be fine. Our 1 month old was awake and well secured on my train."

Shona Carter and Jonathan Brooks of the Ripley area wanted to include their daughter, Aubrey in the wedding so they decided to drag her down the aisle with them. The mother and bride replied to critics by saying that her daughter was safely secured in the train and that she “was covered in the blood” of Jesus:
"People questioning what we do, commenting all negative, and just doing the most. We good though we covered by the Blood which never lose its power. So to the media, radio, news, and whomever else wanting to talk about what WE do here you go: Media Media I see how it works regardless the situation or purpose people gone have something negative to say! The answer is we do what we want when we want long as Jesus on our side everything worked out fine and gone continue to be fine. Our 1 month old was awake and well secured on my train. Most important while y'all got ya feelings in us we had our hearts in Christ which covers all!! So keep ya mouths running for it was just that Exclusive and Epic enough we made top blog way from small town Ripley, TN and the social media doing what they do, TALK!!!! Who paid yall for yall comments, none so watch us as we do us! Too bless for mess!! Thank God we aint no celebrities oops got fans, guess we is! Sign off Mr & Mrs Brooks!!"


  1. I don't know how true it is but the Lord watches over babies and fools my Momma said!!....here is both!!

    1. HAHAHA! My mom use to say that to.

    2. If they wanted the baby included in the wedding, why didn't the just carry her? Really

    3. Yes it is odd that she did this, but what I find most disturbing about this story are all the negative comments. She said one thing that sealed my lips and that was they are covered in the blood. How many of you have seen a post of a person who had some type of ailment and the caption said type Amen if you believe God can make them better? I guarantee 99.999% of you have. This baby is perfectly happy and obviously her parents are anointed so where is your faith now. Sn the bible speaks about hypocrisy blasphemy and those of little faith

    4. Anonymous you bout as stupid as she is!

    5. Member In Name OnlyMonday, 02 June, 2014

      Come on Anonymous, you don't drag a baby that small on a blanket across a room much less on the train of a dress.. Anything could have happened.. There is still soft spots in the child head... Their necks are not strong and they can't roll over.. Yet she dragged the child behind her.

    6. Dear Mr. and Mrs. STUPID,

      How in the world you can justify your ignorant/ foolish behavior, is beyond the scope of rational thinking. For you to do that to yourselves and to your innocent baby, reveals to the world that there are times when you cant discern between right and wrong To sum it up., It was a stupid thought that came to your mind !. When that thought came into your mind to place your baby there and drag him down the isle, you should have Cast down that wicked imagination. You should have said, "get thee behind me Satan"! The Word of God tells us to do all things "decently and in order". Your behavior was indecent and completely out of order. The Pastor that allow this sideshow, needs to be rebuked ! ! There is absolutely no evidence of God`s Holy/Supernatural anointing in this matter. Just because you invoke the name of God or mention the "Blood of Jesus" doesn't justify ungodly actions. That was abusive behavior and I dare say that these parents need to be monitored by the authorities. "Wisdom is the principle thing". " In all thy getting get an understanding". Since when is dragging a baby on the floor of the House of God during a Wedding ceremony the correct thing to do? I don't care who tries to act like this was ok to do, they were as wrong as two left shoes. How stupid are we going to get as a people? Huh? How dumb will we become? The In-Laws should have spoken against this poor decision also. This is totally unacceptable/inexcusable/unjustifiable, It reveals the afflicted mind set of the baby`s parents. What if someone was to drag yo behinds on the floor and then say, "This is the will of God", " The anointing has showed up ya`ll. " Stop doing fleshly/ insane things and then act like God is the sponsor. Stop lying on God! He had nothing to do with your FOOLISHNESS ! Repent and take some parenting classes because this is a hint of things to come for that family.

    7. Agreed. This couple made a "foolish choice". The baby is in the expressed image of God. Why would you drags God's creation down the aisle. Why not honor God's creation by carrying it lovingly in your arms. This was all the way out of order. No Pastor that I know (once he/she became aware of the baby on the bridal train) would have continued the ceremony in this manner. They disrespected the baby. Seems to me that her Vera Wang gown had more of a place of honor than the baby. Just drag the baby around......oh well, she's covered by the blood. What's next putting the baby on the top of the car...cus' it's covered? Trust me, it will take sometime; but they will be broken hearted when the Holy Spirit convicts them of this decision.

  2. Candy Crush SagaSunday, 01 June, 2014

    Stupid, dim, dense, slow, brainless, dim-witted, obtuse, unwise, silly, draft, silly, ill-advised, imprudent, injudicious, ludicrous, ridiculous, ignorant, rude, bad-mannered, ill-mannered, impolite, ill-bred, inconsiderate, boorish and oh did I say stupid.

  3. The church need to be called out. This is pure stupidity and disrespect for life. Ghetto would have been pushing the baby form the aisle in a stroller or carrying the baby down in a carrier. This is way beyond ghetto, and the worst part of it is that it was condoned by the church.

  4. The problem here is not that she did that to her baby, the problem is that no one around her explained that dragging your baby on the floor is dangerous. One crazy person I understand, but a whole church of crazy people?

  5. I agree the church shouldn't allowed this to happen.Tell me why someone would put a one month old down on the floor and drag it down the isle? Was there no other way you could have the child seen and included in the ceremony. Smh. And then you have individuals on social media who think this is cute! STOP PEOPLE STOP! Have a little class and intelligence and get your BABY off the floor.

  6. Where is CPS? She had the nerve to put Jesus in the buffoonery. It was said that, "God watches out for babies and FOOLS.

    1. Why people alway put Jesus in their mess.People are so ignorant it's not funny.

    2. Holy Roller, I just can't with this!! Do not try to justify your stupidity by bringing God in this. You are dragging your gift from GOD on the floor real talk like a darn dog!! My daughter was 2 when I got married you better believe she was in a wagon going down the isle. There were better ways to incorporate your Blessing from God in your wedding.

  7. Shame on the pastor for allowing this mess to take place in church.

  8. Get Right And Let's Go Home!Sunday, 01 June, 2014

    I can't believe that not one person close enough to her couldn't talk her out of that foolishness. I don't usually judge a person from a photo but this is stupidity at is best. What if there were imperfections in the floor, a nail, splinters, etc. I'm no genius but I'm sure creative minds could've come up with a better way to include the baby in the wedding. Only God know what happened at the reception, the baby probably was on the top of the cake, book closed, I'm done. Whoooooshaaaaaa. Jesus take the Wheel.

  9. Why Jesus got to be part of this? I would rather showcase my bundle of joy in my arms or in a decorated stroller even, rather than have her dragged on the ground behind me. There are reasons why this hasn't been done! Guess we know where her priorities are. Ms. Brock this should have been titled, Jesus Take The Wheel!

  10. She, should have carried the baby in her arms with her selfish self your wedding day do what you like & want attitude what she trying 2 do bring in a new wedding fashion trend I seen people dress their dogs up & treat them better at a wedding then this lord have mercy this female & her hubby done LOST it smh

  11. Patricia DoggettSunday, 01 June, 2014

    what the heck? seriously ....this is somewhat disturbing to me. why didn't someone tell them how absolutely STUPID they look?

  12. So she is using God to justify her horrible choices.

  13. Leave it to dim witted black idiots to think of something so pathetic.

  14. yall are way to judgmental and stuck up. the baby was not harmed and its actually very creative. so grow the fuck up and get over it

  15. This was stupid!!!


    According to a 2013 survey by the Pew Research Center 27% of white evangelical Protestants, 68% of white Catholics and 78% of white mainline Protestants believe that humans have evolved over time.

    Is it possible to be a Christian evolutionist? How is that possible?

    God is either the creator of all things or a human evolutionist. He is not both.

    Genesis 1:26-27 Then God said , "Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness.......27 So God created man in His own image...(NKJV)

    God did not say let man evolve into His own image.

    Matthew 19:4 And He answered and said to them, "Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning 'made them male and female." (NKJV)

    Jesus said, male and female were made at the beginning. Male and female did not evolve, they were created.

    Some who claim to be Christians, say that the Genesis account of creation is allegorical or mythical. Is Matthew 19:4 allegorical and mythical as well?

    Others claim to believe in theistic evolution. God is either creator of all things or a humanist evolutionist, God is not both.


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