Question: If Jesus Didn't Address The Social Issues Of His Day, Why Should We?

I am tired of the " gotcha" game that today's Christian leaders are trying to play with our minds through the media.  I am sick of this idea that they are pushing that Jesus didn't address the issue of homosexuality in His day, implying that they shouldn't either. Come on Man!  Jesus didn't have to address some of the foolishness we are faced with today because he lived in the context of a first century Jewish community, that took for granted the holiness that was described in the Torah.

Watch Pastor Carl Lentz's interview with The Huffington Post's Ahmed Shihab-Eldin below:



  1. Jesus said love everybody...which I do but he never said to agree with sin and not speak out against it!! If someone is going to go to hell because you refused to tell them the truth what good are you doing? There is such a thing as loving people and not agreeing with their behavior!!! We are so afraid of offending people that we Water down everything we say. How are we spreading the gospel if we are agreeing with sin?

  2. Ooooo Wee! He is a wolf of the worst kind! What type of watered down, pseudo-gospel is he preaching?! I've had my eye on him for awhile now and I see why his church has so many members! The Bible says that GOD is Love. The Word also says the Lord loves judgment in Psalm 37:28 "For the LORD loveth judgment, and forsaketh not his saints; they are preserved for ever: but the seed of the wicked shall be cut off." We as disciples of Christ have a DUTY to warn people of the coming judgement and consequences of sin! If you see a man walking off a cliff do you say "Hey! Jesus loves you!'? or do you yell "Hey!!! You're headed off a cliff!!"? I'm just takes those who do have eyes to see and ears to hear to warn sinners of what is to come on judgement day....a wrath filled God, whom they repeatedly rejected, sending them to the lake of fire. Does anyone even care about the lost anymore??!! I just cant believe people will sit and appease those who are dying in sin! We aren't doing them any favors by doing this. True LOVE is bringing them to God..who IS LOVE!

  3. Funny how people who say that Jesus never addressed homosexuality forget that He was the second Person of thr Trinity. When God the Father was giving the Law in the Old Testament (which condemned homosexuality), Jesus was there and in complete agreement. Also, when the Holy Spirit (who is the Spirit of Christ) inspired Paul to condemn it in the Epistles, it was from Christ too! People who misunderstand the Trinity use this argument. Love doesn't mean tolerance of wrongdoing - you can love someone and differ with them...this is true tolerance.

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  5. Ah yes. The NEW Christian fence riders.

    If Jesus didn't mention it, we don't have to address it.
    So Homosexual marriage
    Texting while driving
    Wearing your pants below your butt
    Sacrificing pet cats (cause the Bible never mentions cats at all)
    Are perfectly acceptable and we shouldn't judge the people that practice these forms of behavior.

    Again, it's culture dictating Behavior instead of God.

  6. How in the world can you preach the word of GOD and not talk about sin????? More and more apostasy.

    It's getting worse every single day.

  7. Talk about end many Christians have decided to be carnal. You cannot be double minded. Jesus said you can't be lukewarm...He will spit you from His mouth...he wants Christians that will stand on HIS Word and not try to mix it with emotions or sentiment. These liberal, middle of the road so called Christians just sicken me with what they are trying to get by with.

  8. Apostle Of The InternetTuesday, 10 June, 2014

    Some Bible-believing Christians say Lentz is an example of a megachurch leader who maintains lukewarm theology in order to attract maximum crowds and avoid offending anyone. As previously reported, both Rob Bell and Joel Osteen similarly refuse to speak out against homosexuality. I AGREE.


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