Mali Music Move From Gospel To "mainstream" Might Be The Best Thing That Could Have Happen For HIM!

I'm so glad Mali Music moved for under the Gospel Music umbrella.... He's still giving a Christian message in his songs, he's just not preaching to the choir anymore. I believe he went secular because there is more money and fame in the secular industry than the Gospel.

 Last year Mali Music "announce to the "Gospel" community that he was going mainstream with his message, like so many Gospel artists before him had done in the past.

 The songs on his new album like "Royalty," "I Believe," "Walking Shoes" and "I Believe" still have Biblical messages to them. Many of his Gospel fans are still upset with him for dropping the gospel music label,  but not me. I can understand the money move.

Check him out on Spotify if you want to hear the whole songs.


  1. Very positive his music!!!!!!

  2. His latest CD is definitely a-need-to-hear and a breath of fresh air.

  3. I often wondered what makes a Gospel artist want to go secular? More money? Wasn't it Paul who said that the love of money is the root of all evil? Didn't Jesus say that we should seek His Kingdom and righteousness first and all other things were going to be added to us? Fame? Jesus also said: "For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?"

    1. Anonymous I've stated my opinions on gospel artists attempting to move away from their musical base on this blog a many of times in the past.....or roots if you will… to chase after what appears to them to be ‘greener grounds’ on the other side. I believe in most of these artists cases like Mali Music the artist want larger crowds… bigger audiences… and when you get right down to it… it’s all about money and the roar of the crowd. I really don't think it's about soul saving.

  4. The message of this song is beautiful in letting you know that you're not alone. we as people need each To lift each other up. And its more than one way to do that. But true Christians know that one song such as Beautiful will not replace the Christ who saved us from our sins. This is not a message about replacing Christ. Im glad I have friends who are balanced where we know how to lift each other spirituality physically and mentally. telling me i'm beautiful coupled with the word is awesome. He has plenty of songs that talk about Christ. But if you haven't had a struggle to the point you needed encouragement mentally physically and spiritually from your friends then you may not get the message of the song. And there are times when that one positive song encourages you. Touches a place in your spirit like never before. Going through tough times and feeling alone it is the worst place a some ppl can be and this kind of message can brighten someones dark tunnel. Im sure when you look in the mirror your not just quoting scripture but you tell yourself you love yourself not vainly but just to crush the negativity that the enemy tries to bring.. In your struggle you wouldn't use negative words to encourage yourself. There is nothing negative about this song. If you had a female friend who needed encouragement i'm quite sure you didn't just quote all scripture but at times told someone their beautiful.Don't knock the way ppl are trying to encourage others to keep on going and pressing.

  5. I have one question... Have u have an opportunity to listen to Mali Is, the new album? It will pleasantly surprise you. Specifically Royalty, Make it to heaven and I believe...please don't bash this brother, he is really doing God's Work...he's a trailblazer for the Kingdom.

  6. Apostle Of The InternetMonday, 23 June, 2014

    The Bible speaks about "becoming all things for all people that (we) might win some for Christ." That doesn't mean compromising your faith by doing what the world does, it means TAKING BACK the varieties of music that were ALL ultimately stemming purely out of the mind of our almighty God the ONLY creator. Satan has taken God's creation and corrupted it and because of the prevalence of this corruption it has become the norm. So even us Christians, when we see certain genres of music automatically ASSme that its secular. We need to stop giving the enemy so much credit - and GIVING him SO MUCH period.
    SoOooo ... the devil gets endless genres of music from R&B to Rap to Rock to Alternative but CHRISTIANs only get ONE?! "Gospel"? That's RIDICULOUS and STUPID. God created the diversity of music and Mali Music and Andy Mineo are two of the many new artists who ARE indeed Bible believing Christians that OPENLY and CONSTANTLY profess their faith (and If one was to ACTUALLY LISTEN to their music they'd know this) but they are working to RECLAIM what rightfully belongs to the Kingdom of God.
    There are people who will NOT listen to a track JUST because it's labeled "Gospel" and GOD knows this and that's why he's cleverly INVADING the enemies territory with HIS disciples that are going to "win some for Christ."
    Stop limiting Christians to the Gospel domain. That makes no SENSE! The people in the church are already saved so why are we stuck preaching to the choir?!
    Mali Music is a Christian. He says so in practically every song and in the songs that he doesn't he says nothing to glorify the enemy so what's the real problem?
    Do you want him to stay circulating and ministering to churches that already know God's word (they sit and learn it every Sunday and Wednesday). Or do you want to see his ministry wins souls that are NOT going to be won listening to choirs circulating old negro spirituals. And I know! Because I am very much a Christian and I STRONGLY DISLIKE listening to the typical gospel all day long.
    Because we weren't created to! God is a diverse God and He's tired of the box The Church has put him in!
    Stop ridiculing these ANOINTED Christian artists and supporting them as they continue to walk with God into the valley...
    It's not a problem to double check what they stand for to assure that what you're listening to is acceptable by God but to ASSume that you know everything based on who they're signed with or what genre they're at the top of the charts of... "Judge NOT."
    I've seen this artist perform/minister in a secular venue opening for a secular artist and LEAVE immediately after - bringing God's word and going about his way.
    Take over a popular SECULAR venue like S.O.B.s in NYC with a COMPLETELY gospel album release party telling stories of how he WOULDN'T compromise and that's WHY it's taken him so long to reach this peak but how if you stick with Jesus He will cover you and keep you and ultimately provide you with the same success that the enemy tried to get you to compromise for.
    So! Let's Pray! To our Lord and Saviour Jesus The Christ, for your understanding and wisdom before the next time that you decide to speak because God's word is true that "professing themselves to be wise they become fools."

    1. Candy Crush SagaMonday, 23 June, 2014

      So you have no problem with him signing with Akon's label? The remix was created by a secular artist. That's fine too i guess. So many artist have tried this method to reach the lost. How has that worked so far? How far over that line do you cross? Could he not have been able to create this album without that label?

      When deitrick haddon started dabbling with the secular world he fell. The devil is smart and when you are playing in his playground you have to be more than prepared.

      Like I stated before I have his new album and I'll continue to play it in hopes that I can get something out of this but you can't deny that the feel from this album and his last are not the same. It's all about winning souls and nothing more.

      So far reach records have been successful in showing that they are here for Christ so I'm not saying it can't be done. I've been to several of their shows and I love the fact that they can pack a building and if they aren't performing they are preaching.

    2. Every gospel label is an ink print of a bigger label that is ultimately secular (Sony, Capital, Universal, etc). So, whatever disconnect you think there is, there is not. Furthermore, Mali's entire album is positive and is meant to catch wild fish not feed the fish in the aquarium. Stop reading your bible and study it. There is a difference.

  7. It saddens me that as Christians especially in the black church we are still stuck. We ridicule christian artists who are blessed enough to cross into mainstream music and think they compromised to crossover or sold out to fame. Did many of you forget the scripture Your gift will make room for you? Further more, everyone a ministry is not just called to those who are already saved and many of you on here truth be told couldn't follow majority of the people you shout over on Sundays in the bible because they were in all types of mess and sin. Many of you wouldn't have followed Jesus either because he wasn't preaching in the churches.

    Am since many of you on here are All knowing just like God, are you foolish enough to think that many artists who are secular aren't saved? I work in the industry and some of these same artist you ridicule have a closer relationship with God then most of the artist singing Gospel. Reality check. So unless you are God him self on this page,as a Christian your simple minded in the box way of thinking is why most people turn their nose up at the church even now. Instead of loving, we attack. God is the originator of creativity and who determined what "Gospel" music has to sound like to be Gospel? Man. Why is this even being made an issue. Let this man's gift allow him to reach who needs to be reached.


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