Jesus Take The Wheel: An Openly Transgender Preacher Will Soon Make History!

In another first—a history-making moment that will forever serve as a signpost along the road to Christianity's rapid decline in America—the Rev. Cameron Partridge will preach in the name of Jesus at the Washington National Cathedral on June 22. It's historic because Partridge is the first-ever openly transgender priest to step onto the platform.


  1. Not sure how to feel about this.

  2. I don't understand why people with major issues want to be a preacher or pastor at all costs. Why do you want to teach other people about God and the Word, when you yourself don't obey Him?

  3. Where is the preacher , to tell the world that this thing is a sin?

  4. Will this person teach the Bible truth or the liberal watered down version that does not make people conscious of their sins. Will the gospel truth be preached from the pulpit. What about God's divine holy order. etc etc etc


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