Jesus Take The Wheel: Folks Are Scalping Tickets For Pastor Joel Osteen Sold Out Stadium Tour!

Lord have mercy, folks are scalping tickets for Pastor Joel sold out stadium  tour.  Currently, Pastor Joel Osteen sold out tour is coming to a city near you including Yankee Stadium, NY on Saturday, June 7th. Tickets are on sale at Ticketmaster (LYV) Stubhub (EBAY) from $35 to $850. Yes $850 for good seats for an event listed as Seminar, but they will be sending the basket around to help keep the ministry alive.

Osteen has informed us all that he makes no money from the collections, he is currently worth $40 million but his books and trinkets can be purchased, he has those God given rights, not to mention his latest book deal $13 million to help keep the lights on at home and gas in his jet. Source:


  1. SAY WHAT??? $850 dollars for a seat.

  2. TD Jakes & Joel Osteen are 2 of the most famous and maybe richest pastor in the nation.

    They Don't NEED any more money,
    Have the means to preach the rest of their lives "FOR FREE" while still living the high life off of their current riches

    So why do they charge the most OUTRAGES prices for them to "PREACH THE GOSPEL" (if you can call it that)

    Are they giving the proceeds to the less fortunate?
    Helping homeless, feeding the hungry, assisting the struggling?


    Are they padding their already swollen wallets to add another private Jet to their fleet?

    Is a WEALTHY pastor who charges churches 100k PER APPEARANCE or $850 PER SEAT really interested trying to spread the gospel to anyone who can hear or anyone who has the money to afford his asking price?


      Osteen is charging between $20 and $132 per seat. For New York engagement. I made the assumption that he was asking for 850 per person (I over looked the word "scalped").

      But as a comparison

      During Billy Graham's most popular years when he would preach around the world. he didn't have nearly the wealth of Osteen.
      But Graham would preach in some of the poorest countries and smallest places asking for the help of locale governments and volunteers to help reduce the cost of his speaking engagements.

      Then he would ask for donations FOR THE MINISTRY TO HELP WITH THE COST during the sermon (aka passing the plate).

      Graham would preach the WORD OF GOD if he received $40 or $400,000.

      I can think of only 2 reasons why Jakes and Osteen charge up front cost for their preaching SHOWS.

      1: They believe that preaching on Sunday is their FREE SERMON. Anything done outside of their home church (even ministering to the lost) is business and there for subject to fees to make a living.


      2: They are so greedy for MO money that the very thought of spreading the gospel for FREE never crossed their minds.

    2. In this day and age, I seriously doubt that the local government would participate in financing a religious service.

      Plus, no one is being forced into buying these tickets. There is no shady advertising guaranteeing a breakthrough or telling folks that they'll go to hell if they don't attend.

      Personally, I don't know what any of these pastor's do with their money, but I do know that TD Jakes & Olsteen have both been great financial blessings to their communities, ministries, & those in need.

  3. Cop u the man doc...keep it coming

  4. It is a shame and a disgrace, just plain old spirit of greed and covetousness. And we know that Jesus warned us as well as the apostles of false prophets, heresy, loss of love for the truth. We must cry out to the living God for help and forgiveness and mercy.

  5. The tix are being SCALPED which means someone bought up all of the cheap tickets and due to the demand are re-selling them for $850. So Joel Osteen is not profiting from the $850 ticket sales, the only one benefitting from these numbers are the ticket scalpers.


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