Help! There's "A FAT" Diva On Our Worship Team!!?!?

Reader the diva mentality is a disease that's rooted in pride and it has permeated our holy platforms.  I think, far too many worship leaders are tolerating a level of dysfunction on their worship teams that is completely unbiblical. But how can leaders weed out this disease without hurting feeling? All too often we place a large emphasis on the outward appearance.

I found the following question on Facebook, and thought I would post it here for thoughts:  We need help! There's a "FAT" diva on our worship team who's causing some concern along with an unqualified, unskilled want-to-be superstar drummer. The trouble is, we really need them both.  How do we best utilize their gifts while helping reshape them and their attitudes?
Thoughts: Should "Fat" People Lead Worship?


  1. If they're qualified, fat or skinny, then they should lead worship. *shrugs*

  2. Of course they should lead worship. It is not up to us it us up to God.

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  4. I Sam 16:7 . That`s all I have to add. Love what You`re doing Ann. Keep on Keeping On! From Charles in Germany

  5. I not concerned for the size of a worship leader (other than health which I could say for anyone)

    I am concerned about a Diva (prima - Donna) attitude of those in the position of church leadership.

    The leaders who
    can't sing worship songs unless the sound system is JUST RIGHT, and music is perfect.
    Won't preach unless it's to a certain number of people and a particular demographic.
    Or need to ride in a 100 thousand dollar car to show The Lord favors them.

  6. I think the operative word here is "diva" not fat. Overweight people are a staple in the church and aren't going anywhere anytime soon. But when you add diva to the equation I can see where the author is coming from. Because one wants to work with unskilled, bossy, condescending, nasty attitude people in any church auxillary.

  7. How about praise teams need to be less carnal? How about having praise teams spiritually commissioned before they can stand before God's people? How about having praise teams members commit to weekly bible study and prayer before they stand before God's people?

    Why are we so "extra" in the church? If we just work at having the mind of Christ, so many issues would be smoothed out. The church is the God's spiritual "hospital". Is the praise team more concerned about appearance or the health of the members (spiritual and physical). Sounds like a small group study geared to all the praise team members (singers and band members alike) is in order. We all need to be reminded that when we purpose to stand before God's people; everything to do leading up to as well as what we do when we stand should point to God and not us.

    The overweight "diva" knows she's overweight. Her "diva-ish" attitude really has to do with an insecurity not confidence. If the holy spirit is not prompting the leader to address the matter with her one-on-one, then pull the whole team into study and prayer. Folks need to know what the real role of the praise team is.


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