Ahead Of The Big July Church Conference, Pastor Frank Ray Is Trying To Defend His Reputation From Those Calling Him A Pimp And A Liar!!??!?

Lord have mercy, the ongoing feud between Memphis mega-church pastor Frank E. Ray  and talk show host Thaddeus Matthews, are heating up, somewhat serious following a sermon on Sunday with hellfire-like accusations.

 According to some Facebook fans Pastor Frank E. Ray, Sr, JR. and Frank E. Ray the 3rd are trying to set the right church's atmosphere for the upcoming July conference.....which will welcome some very notable Christian speakers.

Anyhow, Thaddeus Matthews, host of his own talk show, came out swinging this week at Rev. Frank Ray, pastor of the New Salem Missionary Church, after Matthews was one of several people pictured on the large screen surrounded by flames as if in hell.

 According to posts on Facebook made by Matthews, Ray told his congregation to lace up the boxing gloves for a battle against those pictured. Matthews quickly posted about Ray’s sermon.
“Pimping Pastor Frank E. Ray, who is being accused of rape of the two daughters of Terence Beal according to a police report.”  “On yesterday during morning worship put my picture along with the picture of Beal with fire around us on a screen so that he could tell his congregation that Beal and myself are of the devil.”


  1. Wow, a preacher judging and condemning people to hell.

  2. Wow did he really do that in church way to go what a example he setting so sad?

  3. I am going to perform the role of a prophet.

    This is going to get a whole lot uglier.

  4. What The hell

  5. Thaddeus is absolutely NUTS. These blogs need to quit giving him any play. He's gone after pastors & clergy for nearly 20 years obsessively. Recently he's been vicious to the COGIC group in Memphis. This has to stop. It's disrespectful and untrue. As for Dr. Ray, if people notice, his congregation loves him, he travels the world and Thaddeus broadcasts to his 200 people ranting and raving in vain. If any of the nasty rumors were true these preachers wouldn't be walking the streets and heralded in high esteem. Gutter driven folk that Thad Matthews are better just left at that IN THE GUTTER.


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