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More Americans Say That You Can Be Good Without God?

Reader for the first time, a majority of Americans — 56 percent — say it is possible to be a good person without a religious belief. So says new Pew Research Center data drawn from two polls conducted among about 5,000 American adults in June and July. “God is not a prerequisite for good values and morality,” Greg Smith, Pew’s associate director of research, said in a post about the findings. ” … [T]he public’s increased rejection of the idea that belief in God is necessary for morality is due, in large part, to the spike in the share of Americans who are religious ‘nones.

Dr. Maya Angelou: “There are many roads to God.”

The below video is troubling to say the least, in the video clip, you will see the late Maya Angelou make a comment that isn't supported by the majority of the Christian community. I believe like most Christians, salvation is through Jesus Christ ALONE...for He is the ONLY way to God.


  1. Much respect, Ms. Brock, for boldly stating the truth. There are all kinds of phylisophies that seem to appease itching ears, but there is only one truth.

  2. I have a hard time believing that all roads lead to eternity with God.....I'm aware that folks say we Christians are being narrow-minded, arrogant, and intolerant where other beliefs are concerned.....They always say how can Christians think our way is the only way, and our road is the only one that leads to eternity with God?

    I believe what Ms.Angelou is saying is true in a sense, that God do exist, so when we die, we will meet Him. Regardless of the ‘road’ that one's traveling on......It doesn't matter if you're an atheist, Hindu, Buddhist, agnostic, or evangelical Christian......when you leave this life, the road that you're on leads straight to Him..... It'll either be for judgement or for rewards......for the Christian this meeting will not be one of judgment.

    1. The great irony is that those who call Christians "intolerant" and "exclusive" for believing that Jesus is the only way are ALSO being "intolerant and exclusive" themselves! The "all roads lead to God" argument is exclusive to the Muslim who believes Allah is the only way, and to the Jew that believes Yahweh is the only way and the Buddhist who believes Buddha's teachings of enlightenment are the only way! It's a hypocritical statement. They're being equally arrogant. In addition, most people who make this statement have very little or no idea about the different religions they compare. When you look at all of the world's faiths, they contradict each other VASTLY and have very superficial similarities e.g. they all teach that we should do good deeds - however some forms of Buddhism teach that God doesn't exist but Jews obviously believe in one true God. Can God exist and not exist at the same time? Of course not!

      It's a form of the dangerous "what's true for me is true, what's true for you is true too" philosophy of Postmodernism. I guess we need to explain to non-believers why Christ is the truth and why He's superior to all other religious leaders and worldviews....

  3. Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.' John 14:6

    We say it because our God said it. We are a 'peculiar' people. God bless Dr.Angelou, Ms. Winfrey, Bishop Jakes, and Ms. Vanzant and anyone else that subscribes to their beliefs; but I'm not apologizing for believing exactly what Jesus said.

    Christians have 99 problems but understanding the path of salvation ain't one... at least for the majority.

    1. Jay-Z in the comment really can we keep it Holy.

    2. Holy doesn't mean life can't be humorous!

    3. Yes. according to the Holy Writ, there is only "one" way to the Father and that is through Jesus Christ. Why do the New Age teachers/embracers want to tell the Christian/Believers/ Society, that we are wrong for what we believe? Huh ? Why is the Christian Faith being attacked on every side as if we don't have a right to believe in the Orthodox teachings of the Christian Faith /scriptures? We believe it because it`s TRUE !. The Word of God says that even if an angel preached to you another gospel, or told you there is another way to God the Creator, .."let him be accursed". Many people are spiritual, religious, lovable, do many great humanitarian works of good and are intelligent/learned individuals who would give you the shirt off their back. Does that mean that the philosophy that they espouse is true? No ! " Let every man be a liar but let the word of God be true ". If we die denying Jesus Christ the only Begotten Son of the Father, then , where will we end up (according to the scriptures )? Hint...ELL !

  4. Black people have sold their souls for fame.

    1. Fame and the almighty dollar... Benz...BMW... and whatever blings.


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