Church Of God In Christ Are Selling Prayer Shawls, To Celebrate Prayer Warrior Bishop Charles H. Mason!


God is calling His People into Prayer!


  1. I say , AMEN, AMEN, AMEN ! We all need to get back to prayer. It`s vital to the child of God because prayer is essential to our continued fellowship and growth as Believers. Pray daily, about everything/anything. Approach the Father In Jesus Name ! It`s so important for us to stay close to the Lord . I love to start my day out early with prayer and the scriptures. No matter what time of day you chose, JUST PRAY. Learn to PUSH, ( PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS). P.S. My Late father was a COGIC Pastor and he personally knew Bishop Mason.

  2. Emhmm... Yes, but I think Jesus referred to it as a 'prayer closet' not a prayer shaw/profit gimmick. Let us call Jesus Jesus and a spade a spade. It's too late in the day to pretend to be dilusional.

    1. HAHAHA! you are so right GIMMICK!

    2. Ignore the gimmick, but ..."men ought to always pray and not faint" , that`s what Jesus said. Don`t let a day go by without prayer. For the Believer , it`s as vital as the blood that flows through your veins. We are left without an excuse! You don't need a "Prayer Shaw" and your secret closet is any private place where you can communicate with the father, "In Jesus Name". But , one can whisper a prayer anywhere ! Decades ago , I discovered what gifts of the Spirit God had given me through diligent prayer, the Word & fasting. Don't wait until trouble comes knocking at your door to cry out to God. Talk to him daily and watch how sweet the "Seek" it gets. If you slack up and miss your prayer time , just jump back into it ASAP. You have to make time for God. Too busy to pray? Then you are Too busy! If Jesus had to pray then what about us? We are left without an excuse !

  3. Sadly enough most people in the Black church don't even know the history or the symbols associated with a talit but will now fall for this propaganda be cause it has a man's face on it......these Pharisees had better watch out....idolatry comes in many forms!!!


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