Question Of The Day: Can Someone Sell His/her Soul To The Devil For Money?

Talk about hopelessness, despair and desperation! The above question was posted in a Facebook group that I'm apart of.  It kind of surprises me with what the person was asking.   In my humble opinion, this whole idea of ‘selling one's soul’ is totally Hollywood foolishness. It’s not biblical nor is it legitimate. It’s the kind of stuff movies are made of.  Sinful, mankind doesn’t have the right to its own soul, you can’t sell legally what’s not yours.

Whenever, I read or hear of someone claiming to have sold their soul to the devil.  It means they have turned or is thinking about turning their back on God and his plan for their life.  Basically its about living for the moment in the ways of the world and not thinking about where you will spend eternity. Every person has this choice. The bible says "man is but once to die and then the judgment".


  1. Greetings Ann! Your brother in Christ here. Once again, we cannot continue to discuss the things of God minus the Word of God. People sell their souls to the devil everyday. In fact God stamped the price tag when He said," that the wages of sin is death"(Roms. 6:23). Anyone can purchase a one way ticket to send their soul to hell by living a life of rejection to the offer of the cross. Yes, we are all God's creations, but we are not all God's children (John 8:42-44). Ann, there is another Father and he is the father lies & many chase after his false offer of wealth and fame; the same offer that he made to Jesus (Matt.4:1-8). He wanted Jesus to sell his soul. And how could we leave out Judas, who more than selling his soul, sold out the King of Kings and Lord of Lords for a profit of thirty pieces silver Many Blessings Anthony O. Mapp--Believing in Faith, "where faith moves mountains"!

  2. I don't believe the Bible has any instance of a person “selling his soul” to Satan, nor does it even implies that making such a bargain with the devil is possible. Neither do I believe the scriptures you have reference in your comment support the idea that one can sell his soul. You can not sell something you do not have ownership of. Man "DONOT" own his soul. What man own is the choices he make while having a living soul. One day God will require man soul to return to HIM and guess what? It will. When God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life man became a living soul own by God. The Bible does not say God gave man a soul.

    1. Ann I agree, God said I give you life and choice. He said nothing about I give you life choice and a soul. Therefore if we were only given life and choice. Its impossible to sell your soul, Why because we are not in possession of it to sell. For example say you own a new car and you are making payments to the bank. But they posses the title. If you sell the car to someone and give them a bill of sale. They don't own the car until the bank gets their money, And signs the title over to them correct. So we are like a car and the title is the same as a soul. Only the title holder can sell the car. The car can't sell the car.

    2. Again, why are we content to discuss the things of God minus the Word of God.
      . Now granted, I was facetious in my quick response early on & I do respect your stance on God's being in the soul ownership business. However, you must know that there are entities all around that are vying against the power of God & it's not just focused on folks in Hollywood.
      “Behold, all souls are Mine; the soul of the father as well as the soul of the son is Mine. The soul who sins will die (Ezk.18:4).” The soul that does not honor a life of holiness is not destined to go back to God, but to eternal hell. The final destiny of our soul is not contingent on God taking it back, but but is dependent on our relationship with God through Jesus Christ. (Luke 23:39-43, John 11:17-26, John 8:51) Ultimately, one may not be able to sell their soul, but folks today are doing an incredible job of forfeiting their rights to eternity in their efforts to gain all that the world says is good. Even with the analogy of the car title holder, there is such thing as repossession, which simply meansproperty subject to repossession: property that is repossessed because payments have not been made wholly or in part. Stop making that car payment for two or three months and watch the power of ownership shift. many Blessings Good dialogue! Anthony O. Mapp Believing in Faith Ministires,"where faith moves mountains.

    3. Once again scripture can be interpreted to mean just what one want it to mean. If you want to discuss the things of God by using scriptures to do so by all means do it on your own blog. I don't want to! Get it I don't want to. This is not an evangelistic tool. If I don't want to used scriptures in here I don't have to. Do you get it. This is a personal opinion blog in which I control, I speak on things that I want to and I don't have to have scripture for that, if I dont want to.

    4. You cannot and should not debate the word of God, revelation through the spirit of God; the word(God in Flesh) stands in it's own TRUTHS now one cannot have a clear interpretation of the scripture from head knowledge and from emotions(what we feel) our flesh is at emnity with God and His Holy word. So to have clear revelations(s) or a rhema word/revelation one must be filled with the Holy spirit. The letter(bible) alone killeth, but it's the Holy spirit that gives the word of God life and a complete understanding as to what God the Father allows us to receive and that comes through maturity and through a relationship with Jesus Christ not religion. It really doesn't matter what the world thinks about one selling their soul to the devil, because in the end we will ALL know the TRUTH of the matter. And, as for me and my house we're on the Lords side!!!! And, I do believe one can sell their soul to the devil(apostate,satanist,sin, disobedience,blasphemy,atheist) These have denounced God and ultimately given their souls over to satan, NOW one can through repentance and open confession that Jesus Christ is Lord and through the shed blood of Jesus Christ can be redeemed from the curse, and penalty of death and hell to have eternal life with Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour!!!.

    5. Great Topic, I loved all the responses.

  3. Our souls will never be the property of Satan—they will always be the property of God.


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