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The Lexi Show: Christian Fashion Designer Tawni Haynes Shares Her Testimony!

One of my favorite Christian designers will be on the Word Network tonight @7:30 Central, sharing her awesome testimony,Designer Tawni Haynes. Beautiful Lady!

Jesus Take The Wheel: Woman Charged With Tax Fraud After Claiming 'Kingdom of Heaven' Residency!??!?!

Sojourning, is a term that means, just temporary. It means, temporal, not permanent. It's true, we are sojourning passing through this life while on our way to the next life. But in the mean time, until our spirit departs from this earth to return no more, we gonna pay taxes.    

And claiming that you living in the "Kingdom of Heaven" will not get you out of paying those taxes. According to federal prosecutors on Tuesday, Tami Mae, May, 55, was indicted in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis on 15 counts of filing fraudulent tax returns and a single count of obstruction of the due administration of internal revenue laws. Source:

Let Us Lift Up In Prayer The Safe Return Of The Chibok Girls.

My heart goes out to the families of these kidnapped girls. Its been more than 2 weeks ago, that more than 200 girls were abducted from a school in Chibok, Nigeria.

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Borno State declared a 3-day fasting and prayer program Monday to seek God’s intervention for the release of the kidnapped students of Government Girls’ Secondary School, Chibok. The program ends today.

Bishop Jakes Tells How He's Building A Film, Music, & Publishing Empire!

The April issue of Black Enterprise Magazine is out and in stores now. In this month's issue the people Bishop is featured, in which he speaks about the business side of all that he does.  

Jesus Take The Wheel Lifetime Television Have Given The Green Light To Another Reality Show???

Lord have mercy, for the first time ever, cameras will be granted access inside a Catholic convent where five women live and work together before making the life-changing decision to take their vows and become religious sisters. 

The series will explore whether the modern women can rise to serve God when they are cut off from family and friends and embedded in an unfamiliar community. By taking vows of chastity, poverty and obedience, each of the women featured on The Sisterhood leaves behind everything they’ve come to love — boyfriends, fashion, jewelry — to see if they want to become servants to the Church and Brides of Christ. Source

Gospel Singer Tasha Page-Lockhart Says ‘The Church Taught HER How To Be Fake’!

According to "That Grape Juice" Gospel artist Tasha Page-Lockhart is on a mission to uncover some of the dark history of the church of yesterday. Tasha claims, there are millions of children growing up in the church, but the church is not growing up in them. They are lost in the pews. She was once upon a time one of those pew sitters who was lost and silent. 

I grew up in a time where the church taught us how to be fake. It was like, “don’t let anyone see you cry” or “don’t let them see you sweat.” But, I thought church was like a hospital. At the hospital, there are sick people who people know are sick and need help. So, I’m big on transparency. If you need help, say something. If you are set free and delivered, say something so other people who are sick can get help.

New Music: Ricky Dillard "Amazing"!

I'm a Ricky Dillard music fan... He posted on Facebook that his new album "AMAZING" will be released on June 10th! YES GOD IS SO AMAZING!!

The Pure Foolishness Of Church Today: Beyonce Drunk In Love Sung By The Praise Team???????????????????

What in the world makes a pastor go along with foolishness like what is being presented in the video clip below?? The Christian community has taken to doing a Christian remix of the song "Drunk In Love" by Beyonce. This is another Christian remix version of the song. This version even got a rapper doing Jay Z part.  

Petition Rahm Emanuel For Rev. Clay Evans Chicago Gospel Music Heritage Museum!

There's a petition circulating online seeking for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to use existing tourism dollars to immediately transform a vacant Chicago public school into Chicago gospel music heritage museum in honor of the legendary Chicago music legend Rev. Clay Evans.

Memorial Service Held In Remembrance Of Dr. Teleka Patrick!

Thursday night in Kalamazoo, there was a memorial service held in remembrance of Dr. Teleka Patrick. The 30-year-old had been missing since December, until her body was found earlier this month in Lake Charles, in Porter, Indiana. 

 Two separate autopsies both concluded that she had drowned. Thursday night, there wasn't much talk of how Teleka Patrick died or what people thought happened to her. It was a celebration of life, remembering everything she stood for. Rest Here!

This Thing Is Getting Out Of Hand: The Growing Confusion Within The Church Body, Women Dressing Like Men??

Gay affirming Churches are popping up all over the country, especially in the Jacksonville FL. area. The couple in the above flyer says they believe they heard God call them to preach and started a church.  They acted on what they believe they heard and started this church, via the instruction of  God. 

Real talk now!!  I guess I'm  just not getting this concept.  In my mind, I'm thinking if you are a woman attracted to another woman... why be attracted to one that looks like a man? And, why would God send a woman to head up a church who look and have mannerism like a man?  Couldn't God have just sent another man? Honestly, I just don't get it. No disrespect to anyone!

Within The Church Setting Are Women Responsible For Men's Lust Issues?

Lord have mercy, Secret Keeper Girl founder Dannah Gresh has really pissed off some in the Christian community with her latest article: ‘How Women Can Make Church a Safe Place for Men.’

I agree, there is a proper way to dress when one go into God's house so as not to put a temptation in front of men's faces.....but to say it's the woman's fault that a man has a lust problem, I don't agree. 

Dannah goes on a rant about how women are so scandalously dress in the church these days and are tempting helpless men.

Lord Have Mercy Dr. Jazz Selling Wristbands To Commemorate Her Inaugural Service.

Dr. Jasmin Sculark known as “Dr Jazz” has officially taken over as senior pastor at Jericho City of Praise in Landover, MD. Now she's selling the wristbands to prove it. All right then.

Bishop Jakes’ New Film Accused Of Falsifying The Pathway To Heaven!

During the past week, there have been a lot of chatter and finger pointing online surrounding the latest release movie Heaven is for Real.....which just happen to have been released on April 16, 2014, right in the middle of Passion Week. A number of people within the Christian community isn't pleased with the movie nor the movie producer.

Folks are saying this particular movie is pushing a false doctrine that we will get to heaven just by making good choices in life. In which the Bible seems to totally disagree with this idea because it tells us in John 14:6 that the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ.

Cathy Lynn Grossman, national correspondent for Religion News Service, tends to agree that unbiblical teachings have corrupted most people’s views of heaven. She also believes that Bishop Jakes is likely to confuse people even more because although the movie shows the actors consulting the Bible for reference, what they are portraying is not based in Scripture.

 Grossman goes o…

Question Of The Day: Was Barnes And Noble Out Of Line For Classifying These Christians Authors Books As Fiction?

Christian Fiction: is any novel that expounds and illustrates a Christian world view in its plot, its characters, or both, or which deals with Christian themes in a positive way.
Lord have mercy, folks in one of my Facebook groups are not liking how Barnes and Noble rank the above authors' books. What are your thoughts?

The Mormon Church Tries To Block A Mormon Dating Site!

Lord have mercy, there are dating sites for every imaginable group and taste, including sites aimed at various religions -- for Jews, for Catholics, for Buddhists and, yes, even for those who would prefer to just avoid the whole subject of religion.

So why, amidst this babel, shouldn't there be a dating site for Mormons? It seems like an obvious question to Jonathan Eller, a clean-cut young Mormon who has started a site called Mormon Match, although its URL is

This all seems pretty routine, at least to everyone except the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which Eller says is trying to block him from trademarking the name.

Are Comedical Films Like 'The Holy Spoof ' Just Another Attempt At Discrediting The Black Church?

In my opinion, all imitation is not a form of flattery.....sometimes the technique can be used to ridicule, comment upon, and poke fun at  how one might think.  Moreover, its intentions are rarely honorable or passive; instead, it seeks to stir, incite, create dialogue, and ultimately force changes in hearts and minds. So, I'm wondering what the purpose of a satire film about "BLACK CHURCHES"?

"The Holy Spoof," a short comedic film satirizing Black churches, is coming to theaters in fall 2014. The movie is based on the "hilarious characters, community and opinions of the modern black church," according to a press release.

 The film takes place during a "typical imitation Sunday" in Houston, Texas, and a promotional photo of the characters shows a motley crew.

New Book Alert: "Ministers With White Collars & Black Secrets"

Christian author Deborah Simpkins will appear on TVONE'S News One Now with Roland Martin to discuss her latest book (Accusers of the Minstry), her experience in church, and her views on where Christianity is headed.

Was Apostle Eddie Long, Attack In The Pulpit Sunday?

Lord have mercy, according to Facebook and some church attendees......On Resurrection Sunday Apostle Eddie Long Preached A Powerful Message:"After every death and burial there’s always a resurrection.. Tell someone “I’m getting up! But some folks didn't care for the message that was going forth and tried to rush the pulpit.

The above pic is of Apostle Eddie Long, preaching at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church on Resurrection Sunday....I don't know if this is before or after the alleged incident. Check out some of the comments:

 Service was off the chain yesterday The Lord used Bishop Eddie Long especially when that man jumped in the pulpit. The enemy will come to distract you to get you off focus..... When the bishop said that I got so full and happy.  That was for sure a moment. I love Bishopeddie long. Anointed man of God.

I was so blessed by the message today. I know I'm at the right church because Apostle either has hidden cameras following me around all week or …

Jesus Take The Wheel: A Church Of England Clergyman Has Become The First To Enter A Same-sex Marriage???

This story is getting a lot of attention on the "World Wide Web".  In February, the Church of England released guidance saying it would be unacceptable for an ordained person to have a same-sex wedding.

 Well, I guess, Canon Jeremy Pemberton and his partner, Laurence Cunnington didn't get the church memo, regarding, concerning, or relating to same-sex marriage. According to reports, the Church of England clergyman has become the first to enter a same-sex marriage, going against official guidance, which says clergy need to “model the Church’s teaching in their lives.”

 Canon Jeremy Pemberton and his partner, Laurence Cunnington, had the ceremony in a hotel on Saturday. An evangelical group within the Church of England called for “clear discipline” on the issue, saying anything else would make the Church’s official position look hollow.

Jesus Take The Wheel: Texas Pastor, Preach Part Of His Easter Sermon From An Open Casket??

Pastor Damien Reese, who's the senior pastor at St James Missionary Baptist Church in Gladewater, Texas did the unthinkable yesterday.  He decided to preach the end of his sermon from an open casket. 

Gospel singer Erica Campbell Performed At The Potter's House Yesterday In A Bright Purple Dress!

Beautiful dress and color for Ercia in my opinion, she looks wonderful.  I also think Bishop Jakes looks stunning in that bright green jacket. Remember, Easter for some is just as much about colors as it is about eggs. 

Now on my Facebook timeline folks are not talking about the beautiful purple dress worn by Gospel singer Erica Campbell yesterday at the Potter House Church Easter Service.  Nope! Instead, the conversation on my feed is surrounding the bright green jacket worn by Bishop Jakes and the loud colorful suit worn by Mr. Campbell. Some folks have a real hard time accepting the fact that some men can actually pull-off wearing loud bright colors. Thoughts?

This Is A Prime Example Of Man Stealing God's Glory And Heaping It On To One's Self?

Lord, have mercy the church world is one of the many places where you can actually use God’s glory to get glory for yourself. Sometimes it’s easy for us to get caught up in ourselves cause we want to do great things. But we do have to watch our motives so we can give glory to God alone. 

This little 10 year old boy was kidnapped last week, but his life was spared because of "Every Praise" by Hezekiah Walker. According to reports, the kidnapped little boy, sang the song for THREE HOURS during the terrifying car ride until abductor got fed up and set him free. I'm glad he's safe and out of harms way.

Now, in no way do I think for one minute the singing of one of  Hezekiah Walker songs had much to do with this little boy being set free.  In my humble opinion, if the abductor had really wanted to do something to the little boy it would have been done.

  Nope! Instead of folks focusing on the favor of God, that was shown toward this little boy during this ordeal. Instead, we…

"A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words"???

Lord, have mercy is this taking the worshipping graven images thing a little far? God does not want HIS people bowing down before idols and worshiping false gods. The above picture of President Sata of Zambia was found on my Facebook timeline....the pic is causing quite a buzz. Thoughts?

Some Megachurches Gave Out iPads And TVs To Easter Attendees!

Lord have mercy, the church world is in full speed ahead in the direction of that big ole ditch. I often wonder why churches put a lot of emphasis on drawing a crowd? Jesus did not. The following article is interesting to say the least:

 Did you go to church this morning? If so, did you get a shiny new toy for your efforts? Congregants at Christian Life Church in Lexington, Oklahoma might. Anyone who attends the church's Easter services today will automatically be entered to win prizes like 32-inch flat screen TVs and $50 gift cards.

Christian Life isn't the only megachurch luring people in the door with the promise of gifts. Long Hollow, a Tennessee Baptist Church that boasts five locations and 31 Easter services, is handing out $5 Starbucks gift cards to anyone attending for the first time today. While new visitors are there, they can enjoy "Life in Color," an Easter service inspired by a OneRepublic song. Source:

Happy Resurrection Day Everyone From The Old Black Church!


Detroit Bishop Who Resigned Over Same-Sex Marriage Announcement Starts New Church In Maryland!

Six months after resigning as pastor of a small church in downtown Detroit over her announcement that she had married a woman in Iowa, Bishop Allyson D. Nelson Abrams has opened a new church in Silver Spring, Md., with the goal of pastoring the kind of ministry she feels God has called on her to lead.

 In October, Abrams said that although no one pressured her into leaving her post at Zion Progress Baptist Church, she felt it was in the best interested of the congregation to move on.

Her ministry, Empowerment Liberation Cathedral, is set to begin in May and will welcome people from all walks of life — regardless of their sexual orientation. In fact, Abrams doesn’t want to be defined by her sexuality, but she appreciates how powerful her presence can be in a region where she says many in the LGBT community have been shamed out of the church. Source:

Tasha Smith Shares She Once Was An Atheist!

Tasha Smith is very open about her Christian faith. She knows the Bible like the back of her hand, but that wasn’t always the case. During a recent interview on “The D.L. Hughley Show,” the actress revealed she was once an atheist. Source:

Judge Modifies Pastor Darrell Gilyard Probation!???

A judge has agreed to modify the probation rules for a former pastor who spent three years in prison for lewd and lascivious acts with two girls while he was leading his church.Source:

Dr. Zachery Tims Jr. Family Celebrates His Birthday and Life!

According to Sister Riva Tims Facebook Page, today and every April 18th, the Tims Family celebrates the Birthday and Life of Dr. Zachery Tims Jr. His pioneering spirit and the positive effect he had on so many lives will NEVER be forgotten.

Last year on April 18th, the family announced plans to establish the "Dr. Zachery Tims Jr, Enrichment Center" The center will function as a retreat oasis for leaders suffering from emotional and spiritual burnout, as well as a rehabilitation facility for leaders struggling with addiction and depression. 

The center will allow leaders to recuperate, rehabilitate, rejuvenate and rebound in a confidential, nurturing environment. The Tims family has a five-year projection plan to attain funding, acquire property and hire staff. The vision and legacy that God gave Dr. Zachery Tims Jr. continues with his family. 

We will move forward in our efforts to keep the memory of all the good Dr. Tims accomplished when he was alive, and the good he will con…