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Over 300 Churches Joined Bishop Neil Ellis and Global United Fellowship For First Pastors Meeting!

According to Presiding Bishop Neil C. Ellis, his newly formed Global United Fellowship, "is a fellowship, not a denomination.”  That was one of the major points that Bishop Ellis communicated throughout the first meeting for the newly organized group.

 The presiding bishop says Global United Fellowship is inclusive of pastors and parent church ministries of any denomination that desires to move forward the spiritual mandates of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Presiding Bishop Neil C. Ellis, held the first pastors meeting of the Global United Fellowship last week in Winston Salem, NC. The presiding Bishop outlined for those in attendance the overall mission, specific ministerial touchstones; organizational structure and key appointments of the Fellowship – which in only eight months remarkably amassed more than 300 churches around the world.
GUF’s illustrious group of Vice Presiding Bishops was announced as follows:
Bishop Joby Brady(The Potter’s House of North Dallas);

Bishop Sh…

Birmingham, Alabama Churches Not Allowed To Feed Homeless People!

According to AL. Com, churches in Birmingham, Ala. can no longer feed the homeless, thanks to a new city law regulating food trucks. The law began on Jan. 1, but when it was passed in December 2013 there was no mention of churches feeding the homeless.

Jesus Take The Wheel: Rapper Mase Accused Of Using Church To Advance His 'Unholy' Rap Agenda!!

Lord have mercy, I'm not surprised at all. It's plenty of blasphemous preachers walking around.    According to TMZ, the pew sitters at Pastor Mason Betha, El Elyon International Church, believe that the former Bad Boy Records rapper, is a “fake” that has used “the holiness of the church to advance his very unholy rap agenda.” I'm guessing they are about to vote him out. 

Interesting…But this isn’t the first time he has raised eyebrows among his flock. Betha has reportedly made a fortune off his “Born to succeed" marriage focused ministry. So when news surfaced that he had secretly filed for divorce from his wife, Twyla, the church called foul, accusing him of being a hypocrite on the pulpit.

Throwback Thursday: Tom Thumb Wedding!

How many remember participating in or attending a Tom Thumb wedding growing up? The Tom Thumb "wedding" was an opportunity for children, ages 1 to 13, to have fun and be different. Most of the Tom Thumb wedding I attended growing up were different because we dressed up in African fabric and we're very proud to show our cultural heritage.

A lot of churches and various organizations back in the day held Tom Thumb weddings as youth activities or fund raisers. Tom Thumb weddings all but disappeared in the 80's and 90's, but are now coming back.

The term Tom Thumb Wedding comes from an actual wedding, the marriage of the famous little person Gen. Tom Thumb (born Charles Stratton) to Lavinia Warren, another little person, in 1863. A Tom Thumb Wedding is a wedding pageant in which small children play all the major wedding roles, usually under 10 years old. My church is thinking about doing this as a way of raising funds for our youth.

Bishop Carlton Pearson Says "Iam Not Gay" But Wouldn't Apologize Nor Be Ashamed If I Were.

Bishop Carlton Pearson took to his Facebook page earlier today to set the record straight about whether he's gay or not.
"I am not gay, but wouldn't apologize nor be ashamed if I were. I love my wife dearly and have been married to her for over 20 years. We have scores of married and single gay friends, we love and respect. You don't have to be gay to love gay people and even hang out some with them. You don't have to be a divorcee to love, support and respect them. Neither do you have to be Muslim or Jewish to have friends from those religious disciplines. As Inclusionists, we teach that we don't have to go along to get along and that we can mind many of the same things without necessarily having the same mind about everything.  Inclusionists believe Peace is possible, both individually and globally.  Jesus was accused of eating with "sinners" (Mark 2:15) and protecting prostitutes and adulteresses from the stones of the religious right of his day, …

Franklin Graham Says Gays 'Recruit' Children and Obama Is Pushing A Gay And Lesbian Agenda???

It’s absolutely appalling and sad that Franklin Graham – having already sold out his father to the GOP in the 2012 election – would now prefer to side with Putin than Obama.  Franklin Graham is claiming in the clip below of religious persecution, that gays ‘recruit’ children, and President Obama is pushing a gay and lesbian agenda. He also reaffirms once again, his support of Putin.  He chooses autocracy and state-condoned violence against gays instead of freedom. He is a traitor to American values. America is the land of the free!

I'm as sorry as I can be but Franklin Graham is dishonoring his father's legacy in ways which are both sorrowful and sinful. Me and others who grew up hearing the elder Billy Graham preach would be hard pressed to name an instance where he spoke ill will and hatred against anybody. This guy will probably fade away in obscurity when his father passes away because he lacks the depth of knowledge of true Christ inspired Christian traditions and love f…

Grambling State University Free Gospel Concert!

Grambling State University will have four gospel stars in concert tonight starting at 7 p.m. at T.H. Harris Auditorium. Admission is free and doors open at 6 p.m. This concert is presented by the university’s Lyceum Committee and the Office of Student Activities, this will be the first time GSU has had four gospel recording artists performing on the same stage on campus. 

Two of the artists were crowned “Sunday Best” on BET, one is part of a legendary gospel family and the fourth has been singing since she was 2 years old.

Morehouse College Will Formally Admit It's First Openly Gay Male To The Board Of Preachers!

Wow, this is interesting, I remember, a few years ago, Morehouse College had to ban students from coming to class in heels, makeup and wigs. This decision created such a fuss amongst HBCU students & alumni that Vibe magazine did an expose' on some of the openly gay men attending Morehouse.
Just to think, since its inception in 1867, Morehouse College is noted as a system of black male leadership, where “exceptional black men” would one day be the ones to lead the race. This is interesting! Source:

Jesus Take The Wheel: A Major Christian Charity Lifts Its Same-Sex Marriage Ban for Employees???

I am floored that World Vision has done this. To say you are a Christians organization and then act contrary to the teaching of scripture is very alarming!

 World Vision, one of America's largest Christian charities, just made a small but important tweak to its employee handbook: it changed its definition of marriage. Like many religious, non-profits, World Vision U.S. can privilege people with certain beliefs in their hiring practices.

Until recently, one of those conditions of employment prohibited employees from engaging in sexual activity outside of a heterosexual marriage. Now, the charity's definition of marriage includes same-sex couples too.

World Vision U.S.'s president Richard Stearns told Christianity Today that his charity hopes the change (which still prohibits sex outside of marriage) will become "symbolic not of compromise but of [Christian] unity."

As of now, anyone "in a same-sex marriage who is a professed believer in Jesus Christ" is…

It’s official Jericho City of Praise Is Going Back To The Root, They Now Have A New Senior Pastor Dr.Jasmin Sculark!

Congratulations, Dr. Jazz, I read  about your good news via Facebook, Sunday morning when Pastor E. Dewey Smith, announced the move, and said he was praying for her. Bishop Jakes, and Bishop Paul S. Morton both tweeted their congratulations:
@iamdrjazz congratulations on your appointment as Senior Pastor of Jericho City Of Praise! The Gate is Open! @iamdrjazz Wow, congrats awesome Woman of God On your New Appointment As Senior Pastor That's Major you deserve it you are so anointed 4 the task.  Dr. Jasmin Sculark, better known in the Christian community as “Dr. Jazz, The Daughter of Thunder,” has been named Pastor-Select at trouble Jericho City of Praise in Landover, Maryland. The announcement was made to the church congregation during Sunday morning service, March 23, 2014.

Dr. Jazz will be departing Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in York, PA after 11 years of ministry. She is slated to preach a life-changing message on Easter Sunday at 9:30 a.m. entitled, “Tell t…

Pastor Floyd Flake's Mega Church Receive Bomb Threat During Sunday Morning Worship Services!

One of New York's most popular mega churches was evacuated Sunday during services after a bomb threat, police said.
The Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral in Jamaica, Queens, where former U.S. Rep. Floyd Flake serves as senior pastor, received a bomb threat around 9:30 a.m., police said.Source:

Does Your Church do This????

Interesting, I have never seen this before in all my years of being part of the church.   This is Anointed Voices current choir with their Pastor Byron Thomas consecrating  them & their new robes during the 25th Anniversary Evening of Worship 11/3/13. Source, Instagram:

Happy Black Marriage Day 2014!

For the last decade, communities around the country have celebrated the beauty of Black love on Black Marriage Day. As the holiday prepares to celebrate its 10th anniversary, on today.

Lakewood Church Offering $25K Reward To Solve $600k Church Theft?????

There's a $25,000 cash reward for information leading to the identification and arrest of any person or persons responsible for the recent Lakewood Church theft, according to Houston Crime Stoppers. WOW!

Pastor Rod Parsley New Gimmick: The Passover Offering?

Lord have mercy, Pastor Rod Parsley is pushing a new bunch of nonsense.   Did you know with the right 'Passover offering' you can get your very own angel and even experience what Parsley calls 'agelessness'?  And isn't it convenient that God will only honor this Passover offering if our money is sent to Rod Parsley. Source:

Should The Resurrection Story Of Our Lord And Savior Be Present As A Easter Production With Live Animals?

King of Kings, the controversial production is back by popular demand, Evangel Multi Media and Arts Center proudly presents KING of Kings! Saturday, April 5th -- Sunday, April 13th, in Upper Marlboro, MD. This spectacular mix of Easter, Broadway and Gospel Extravaganza features Stellar & Grammy Award Winning Artists... Shirley Caesar, Hezekiah Walker and Bishop Paul S. Morton.

If you always wanted to witness and experience the life of our Lord, Savior and King, Jesus Christ during the Easter season in a more real way with live animals along with Gospel music. Then you need to make your way to the Evangel Multi Media and Arts Center in Upper Baltimore, Maryland during the week of April 5th-13th.

Throwback Thursday: Remembering Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson!

We pause today to remember our late Presiding Bishop of The Churches of God in Christ. Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson, September 22nd, 1939 – March 20th, 2007. I can still hear him say "Be Healed, Be Delivered, Be Set Free"! Thanks Facebook!

Founder of Westboro Baptist Church, Rev. Fred Phelps Sr. Have Transitioned From Life Unto Eternity!

TOPEKA, Kansas – The Rev. Fred Phelps Sr., who founded a Kansas church widely known for its protests at military funerals and anti-gay sentiments, has died according to his son Tim Phelps.

Tye Tribbett Speak On The Controversial Topic Homosexuality And The Black Church!

Lord have mercy, Gospel artist Tye Tribbett has open up a can of worms during a chat with Jamie Foster Brown, S2S Publisher. Gospel artist Tye Tribbett believes that he can reach more people through love than hate and that’s something he hopes Christian leaders remember when it comes to bringing correction to their followers’ lives.

There's much chatter on line toady after the posting of the article, in which folks are claiming Tye condone homosexuality. I do not believe he condone it in the interview, rather he kind of smoothed it out so that it wouldn't be harsh. It feels to me he were being a little political, nevertheless, he didn't condone it.

Lord Have Mercy: Preachers Of LA Middle-aged Pastors Who Are 'gon’ Turn It Up To Another Level” For "Reality" TV!

Even though they received a lot of criticism during season 1, Deitrick Haddon said the men of “Preachers of L.A.” ain't about to be toning nothing down when the show returns. According to Detrick, “season 2, they’re going’ to turn it up to another level,” Deitrick recently told “We’re already shooting scenes that are gonna be crazy.”

Did The Pentecostal Full Gospel Worship Center Sneer At The Work Of The Holy Spirit?

The answer to the above question really depends on which generation you ask.  It's obvious from the below clip that generation Y has found almost everything funny that was once held sacred by past generations. I don't agree with the leadership allowed this to take place.   I'am very much offended by the clip below.   For me, one who was raised and reared in the construct of the black church don't find the clip funny at all.

 Anyway, the below video is making the rounds on the net, and everyone is not to please with it. Some folks are saying carnal means, worldly antics, and entertainment will never save the youth. If we want to get this generation, we are going to have to preach the full blast of the gospel to penetrate the hardness of their heart. This is a form of mockery!

Lord Have Mercy, The ongoing saga Of Seattle, Mars Hill Church Pastor???

Poor Pastor "Mark Driscoll" said he doesn't see how he can be both a celebrity and a pastor, so he's giving one of those titles up.
 On Sunday, Pastor Mark Driscoll posted an open letter of apology on Mars Hills’ online social network "The City", saying he has been “deeply convicted by God that my angry-young-prophet days are over” and acknowledging “that people who saw or experienced my sin during this season are hurt and in some cases have not yet come to a place of peace or resolution.” Driscoll also outlined plans for a new team of pastors to hold him accountable. Interesting!!

Jesus Take The Wheel: COGIC Got A Dating Site For Singles With A Vision And A Mission Statement???

My timeline ain't too happy with the COGIC new dating site, what's your thoughts?

Our Vision is to promote a Christian dating experience that promotes God's Holy Covenant of marriage between a man and a woman. Our faith is confirmed in the truth of Proverbs 18:22 "He who finds a wife finds a good thing, And obtains the favor of the Lord". NKJV Our mission is to provide a platform where single Christian men and women can come and get to know each other while maintaining their Godly principals and integrity. We believe that having a strong personal relationship with God first in your life is the only true way to enter into a stable and fulfilling Christian dating experience.
II Corinthians 6:14 states "Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness?" It is on these principles that are vision gains its purpose, to give our singles the opportunity to mee…

Was Pastor Le'Andria Johnson Inappropriately Dress For A Gospel Event?

Pastor Le'Andria Johnson came under fire from social media, for her choice of dress last night at the BET Celebration of Gospel event which will air Sunday April 6.  Some of the pastor, preacher, teacher and singer Facebook followers, are taking the woman of God to task for the dress that was worn to the Gospel event:

"Woman of God you need to hide your cleavage, close your top something. Know who you represent and not who you want to attract? Your look versus your message is in conflict. I'm just saying.""This is really embarrassing I must say. Ur life shd preach the gospel n not bring it down.n u were happy in this rag u put on in the name of fashion? Please show good example as an ambassador of christ ifu re truly born again cos I doubt it if u re. Mscheeeeew.""The dress is beautiful, and she is a nice person. When it come to being a woman of God, and preaching the word, NO. It's not a good idea to wear this to a gospel celebration either!!!&quo…

I Wonder Do Bishop Charles E. Blake Know About This Shenanigan? Church of God in Christ, Pastor Comes Out!

Superintendent Richard E. Patterson, Sr., Pastor of St. Samuel Temple Church of God in Christ, Chicago, Illinois makes his declaration about being a heterosexual male!

Today's Christian Music Artist Wants The Secular Wall That Separate Them Torn Down?

This article reminded me of the question ask by this young lady a couple of months ago: Is it time to reevaluate LeCrae? I honestly believe it's time to reevaluate all Christian artists, not just some. Gospel music, be it traditional or contemporary, used to have a distinct sound and unmistakably clear gospel message.

You knew right away when you heard a gospel tune; now you have to listen for a minute or so (perhaps longer) to determine if what you are listening to is gospel or not before you scan the radio dial further. I do support Gospel and Christian Music Artist, with my money.  When I mention that I'm not pleased with today's gospel artists that make excuses to sell out for dollars, that's exactly what I mean. To, me it's very interesting how some Christian artists can draw thousands without compromising but others have to leave the church in order to sing. I don't understand.

Many people consider Christian music and mainstream music two…

Christian Pastor Accused The Movie Frozen Of Promoting Homosexuality And Bestiality????

Lord, have mercy some of this stuff you just can't make up. A Colorado radio host and pastor Kevin Swanson of the Reformation Church, and his co-host Steve Vaughn, suggested on their radio show that the film Frozen is trying to turn kids gay – even though they haven’t seen the movie. Source: