Lord Have Mercy: Pastor Michael Bryant Is Being Held On A Million Dollar Bond.

According to Facebook rumors Pastor Michael Bryant pastor of The Hour of Restoration C.O.G.I.C Memphis TN, had to miss last night prayer and Bible studies because he's being held on a $1,000,000 bond for molesting his 16 year old step daughter for the past 2 years and more recently on this past Monday night.

According to the same Facebook posting the child told her mother what was going on a year ago and the mother told the child that she and her husband the preacher were going to pray over it. The preacher was turned in by the aunt whom it's believed that he was also perhaps having sex with as well. There's a request for the DA to have the mother charged also.


  1. It's being reported that the 16 year old even told church members, and they did nothing. The mother is a poor excuse for a mother. I have heard of several cases where young female children, the mother is suppose to protect, refuses to acknowledge that her child is even being rape. For the life of God, what in the world is wrong with some of these women.

  2. This is a shame I can't believe that the mom didn't suspect anything.

  3. I guess her title and prestige of First Lady meant more to her!

  4. We need to do background checks on clergy as too much of this has occurred.

  5. If this is true I think they should both have their head check. What strikes me as so odd is Moms response. it wasn't one of rage, she didn't call her daughter a liar, didn't disown her but simply "lets pray God take these thoughts away from dad" Is she serious? do she really believe prayer would change his behavior?

  6. The mother should be charged as an accessory to the crime. Lock her up too!

  7. It's always our weak minded ass women running into those damn churches praises another man whom in most cases has his own personal agenda well beyond supposedly "spreading the word." These predatory pastors are targeting our women or children or both.

    That sorry ass mother needs to be convicted for child neglect and abuse considering she knew it was happening but all her sorry ass could do is "pray". This pisses me off!!

    1. These church women need to open their damn eyes and see that these pastors are dirty and quit listening to these nut jobs. Read the bible yourself and figure out what God is trying to tell you instead of waiting for these fake ass preachers trying to either get into your pockets or your pants or your daughter.

  8. The mother should face charges as well! She is OBVIOUSLY not fit to parent and has failed her child miserably! I am so glad that the child finally felt she could turn to someone for help and they came through for her.


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