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"Save Our Boys" Church Service: What Can Our Churches And Civic Organizations Do To Help In Dealing With Our Young Black Males?

I don't know if this is the first service of this kind or not  but it's the first I have read about.   Last night in Springfield Massachusetts more than a dozen churches participated  in a community worship service at St. John's Congregational Church on Union Street that sought to highlight the "plight of black and Latino males."

Jesus Take The Wheel Pastor Jamal Bryant Have Come Under Some Serious Fire For Taking His Beautiful Daughter To A Beyonce Concert?

Lord have mercy Pastor Jamal Bryant have set off a firestorm among his   Facebook friends and followers. The heated debate that's taking place on the Pastor Facebook page is regarding him taking his beautiful sixteen year old daughter to the Beyonce concert.

Jesus Take The Wheel: According To One Mega Church Pastor God Have Now Begun To Apologize To His Creation "MAN" For Their Troubles!!!

Founder and senior pastor Kong Hee of “City Harvest Church" have found himself in yet another controversy.   This time it's over foolish comments he made in a sermon to his Singapore mega-church’s congregation.

The reaction to the video which was upload Sunday is overwhelmingly negative.  In the video clip Kong Hee claimed that God apologised to him for his troubles of the last couple of months.

Jesus Take The Wheel Pastor Shot And Kill Nephew Outside Newton County Church?!?!?!?

34 year old Curtis P. Jones of Bon Wier was alleged shot and kill by his uncle outside of Belgrade Baptist Church Sunday. The incident stemmed from a long standing family feud.

Former ‘Archbishop’ Desmond Tutu Said He'll Take Hell Over A Homophobic God In Heaven That Hate!

Lord have mercy during a news conference introducing a United Nations homosexual rights campaign, former African Anglican archbishop and anti-apartheid activist Desmond Tutu. Set off a firestorm when he told reporters that he would rather go to Hell than a “homophobic Heaven.  Desmond Tutu is a South African social rights activist and retired Anglican bishop.

Jesus Take The Wheel: Prophet Brian Carn Says Laymen Do Not Have The Authority To Correct A Prophet??? In Other Words Keep Your Mouth Closed!

I thought this was very interesting.
According to this facebook post Prophet Brian Carn caught an attitude back in the day and felt the need to "put lay members back in their proper place."
"God has never sent a member to correct the leader. Ooh ya'll are cryin'. Ya'll don't like that kind of preaching' do you? God has never sent a lay member to correct a. . . that ain't cho' job. yo' job ain't to correct. Yo' job is to pray. I DON'T CARE WHAT GOD SHOWED YOU. You keep yo' lil sanctified mouth closed."

Lord Have Mercy: Bishop Jakes Done Went And Hired Sweet Brown For The Mega Fest???

Sweet Brown I'm glad that you got time for Mega Fest!

Fox News Host Attacks Muslim Scholar Who Said He Wrote About Jesus As Part Of His Job.

The latest example of Fox News' relentless crusade against Muslims.  Renowned academic and author Reza Aslan is forced to respond to a barrage of Islamophobic attacks during an interview with Fox News host Lauren Green.

To God Be The Glory: What An Incredible Moving Moment Capture On Film In The Atlanta Falcons Training Camp Today.

This emotional, heartwarming, moving  picture of Brian Banks has gone viral's from the start of the Atlanta Falcons training camp in Atlanta.   Brian Banks was capture on film stopping to pray as he walked on an NFL field for the first time.  Banks spent 10 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit.

Jesus Take The Wheel: Church Going Men Would Appreciate Less Cleavage in Church Too, You Don't Say!

I like this article!  Women and their "cleavage" is somewhat of a hot topic among some within the Christian community this week.  The question being ask Is this a problem among christian women (or so called christian women)?  This young lady have called out ‘MATURE BELIEVERS' who claim to be ‘BORN-AGAIN, BAPTIZED, BLOOD-BOUGHT' TONGUE-TALKING members of the Christian Church!

 Not LOST SOULS or BABES in CHRIST [who] come into God’s sanctuary on Sunday morning wearing clothes you might expect to see them wearing at a dance club on Saturday night. OUCH!!

Heartbreaking: Conservative Black Chick Crystal Wright Attack Trayvon Martin Mom!

This is sad on so many levels,  out of all the articles and comments surrounding this incident....this for me has got to be the worst.  I believe it to be the first to attack the mother for loving her child.  If anybody out there still wondering why black Americans have no desire to  be part of the GOP or Conservatism......well look no further than this chick right here.  It amaze me the things some folks will say in politics to get attention.  In my "PERSONALLY" opinion  this chick went way too far! Ms. Wright could have made her point  without even mentioning Trayvon's mother - that was totally unnecessary.

Did A Religion Based In Homophobia Caused This Man To Abandoned His Wife And 5 Kids?

Lord have mercy, how in the world can anyone do this to their family and live with themself  afterward? This man handling of this situation was to the extreme to say the least. 

Eric Myers says he first realized he was gay at age six, but it took running out on his wife and kids and faking his own death to finally allow him to admit it. I guess when all else fail blame the church.

Jesus Take The Wheel: Abortion Contract' Surfaces Between Christian NBA Player JJ Redick and Vanessa Lopez!

The latest buzz coming out of the Christian Community is surrounding Christian NBA player J.J. Redick.....who reportedly had an “abortion contract” with his now ex-girlfriend, Vanessa Lopez. Folks are saying Christianity ain't nothing but a label these days and this speaks more to the depravity of man kind.

 Redick, who calls himself a Christian on his Twitter profile, allegedly offered to maintain a dating relationship with Lopez for a year or pay her $25,000 in exchange for aborting a baby she claimed was his.

Is Chante`Moore New Song "Jesus I Want You" Too Erotic To Be About A Holy God?

I hate Jesus is my "BOYFRIEND" kind of songs. And for the record, I'm well aware that some folks who visit or stumble upon this blog may not like what I say and others might say I have "ISSUES" when it come to certain things within the Christian Community. You know what?  That just may well be true but guess what? It's my opinion!  One of my issue or struggle as some may call it is with the idea of calling Jesus beautiful beyond description as if He was a lover("Jesus I Want You").

Kudos and High Five To Tavis Smiley Network For Surpassing 1.5 Million Listens Within Its First Month On BlogTalkRadio Launch!

Broadcaster Tavis Smiley announced today that the Tavis Smiley Network (TSN), a network of programs developed exclusively for BlogTalkRadio, the world's largest social broadcasting network, has amassed more than 1.5 million listens since launching on June 25 of this year. This unprecedented milestone points to the success of TSN as the first network partnership for BlogTalkRadio with a national media personality. Press Release Here!

The Million Dollar Question: Why Is America Afraid Of Trayvon Martin?

The media influences how Black folks are seen and how we see ourselves. Although the trial is over,and Zimmerman is free, racialized media attacks on Young Trayvon Martin continue.  The powerful video below isn't about the case per-se  It's about how the media represents people of color:

Folks Calm Down Professor Anthea Butler Is Right: How Can Any One Love On Jesus On Sunday and Hate On His Creation On Monday?

It's impossible for "Love and Hate" to flow from the same heart according to the beloved Apostle John who said Love springs only from God.

Good News: The Potter's House Church In Dallas Texas Is Set To Help Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's Beautiful Family!

Rumor has it that former Detroit  Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick wife and sons  has fallen on very hard times in Texas and is said to have no place to stay.  The struggling  mother of three have lose her job and her lease on the family's extravagant 5,000-square-foot home in posh Grand Prairie.

According to reports  the family's church, The Potter's House in Dallas, founded by Bishop T.D. Jakes, is helping them out. Officials with the Potter's House did not return calls or emails for comment. Article Here!

Presidential Author Bankole Thompson To Emcee Nation's Largest Black Christian Denomination Inaugural Banquet!

The Church of God in Christ Inc (COGIC), the largest African American Christian denomination in the country, has invited Bankole Thompson, one of the most influential writers in media and politics and author of two books on President Obama, to serve as the Master of Ceremonies at the Aug.12 COGIC 2013 Inaugural Banquet at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Detroit.

Boston's Charles Street African Methodist Episcopal Church Pastor, Rev. Gregory Groover, Admits In Court That Church Misused $825,000?!?!??

Several dozen members of the Charles Street African Methodist Episcopal Church filled a courtroom in Boston Monday, as lawyers for the congregation and those representing bankers made their final arguments before a judge in the church’s bankruptcy case.

In a full day on the witness stand the church Pastor Rev. Gregory Groover acknowledged that the church had misused $825,000 of restricted endowment funds to meet expenses over nearly five years. The amount was far more than church leaders had acknowledged in prior hearings in US Bankruptcy Court in Boston. The Lilly Endowment funds were earmarked for a residency program for pastors in training. Source!

Every Gospel Music Artist Does Not Support Boycotting Florida!?!?!??!

Lord have mercy "Pastor John P. Kee" have come under some serious fire for posting the above comment via his Facebook page by some of his Facebook followers.
"Another bootleg preacher who sings and has made millions from us. We may need to revamp this thing and try to wean out the counterfeit preachers, pastors, evangelist, bishops and vocal artist who think its cool to use a law to get someone off for murder. We may be headed in the wrong direction. God may be trying to tell us something through his words. It's clear he stands for nothing but his pocket."
"Coming from a Pastor why would you state a Negative Status? I took this as being very Condescending."
"Really sad comment and I hve a lot of respect for you!! We are always letting others push us over!! I dnt care why folks are jumping on the wagon just as long as they are on and you should be to!!"MORE HERE!  In the wake of George Zimmerman‘s acquittal for the shooting and murder of 17 yea…

Kierra Sheard Has Announced The Bold Right Life Experience 2013 Which Will Take Place In Her Hometown Of Detroit!

Kierra Sheard announced the Bold Right Life Experience 2013 will take place in her hometown of Detroit on August 15-17th.  BRL is a youth organization with a purpose. It's aim is to  tackle the spirit of ignorance forced upon today’s youth, by nurturing them spiritually and naturally. And to also help those persons that may be lost within today's society. Young people today are often blinded by what man has perverted and do not have supportive families or the resources necessary to offer them positive alternatives or assistance. ‘We are dead to the things of this world…’ Boldly living Right, getting ready for Life.

Among the lineup of preachers and singers joining her for the conference are Chicago’s Pastor john Hannah and Jonathan McReynolds, Sarah Jakes, Canton Jones, Tasha Cobbs, and Pastor John P Kee and New Life. Source

Jesus Take The Wheel: What does a Mega Preacher sound like?

Lord have mercy, the above question was posted early yesterday to Bishop T.D. Jakes Facebook Page.....and it has set off a firestorm among  Bishops Jakes followers. Personally I thought it was a cute clip and don't get why all the fuss and uproar. 

News You Can Used: 2014 Disney Dreamers Academy With Steve Harvey and Essence Magazine Are Now Accepting Applications!

U.S. high school students ages 13-19 can apply to attend this innovative outside-the-classroom educational and mentoring program at Walt Disney World Resort.

Applications now open and must be submitted on by October 31, 2013.

Celebrating World Wide Youth Day!

Young people from all over the world have beginning to arrive in Rio de Janeiro to celebrate World Youth Day tomorrow.  Currently some 350,000 young people have signed up for the Rio event, but the number is expected to grow.

Question Of The Day: Do Bishop Wiley Jackson Look Suspicious?

Lord have mercy, Bishop Wiley Jackson pastor of Gospel Tabernacle Church in Stone Mountain Georgia ask his followers the above question this morning on his Facebook page. What do you think?
Do Bishop Wiley Jackson Look Suspicious? Yes? No? free poll maker

Worldwide Music Inc.Kerry Douglas Has Partnered With Sony RED Distribution!

Billboard’s #1 independent gospel CEO Kerry Douglas’ Worldwide Music, Inc. label has signed a distribution agreement with RED Distribution. Douglas and his staff are organizing A-List guest collaborations and picking the best songs for upcoming CD releases by Zacardi Cortez, Ted Winn, Bryan Wilson and others. Article Here!

A Big Ole Church Mess: Members Of Charlotte Church Protest Pastor’s Leadership!

Tensions ran high at a north Charlotte church Sunday morning as members protested Pastor Andrew Rollinson’s leadership, saying he was fired nearly three months ago but refuses to leave.

 “Rollinson must go!” about a dozen people chanted outside Morningstar Baptist Church at 5623 Phillips St., off West Sugar Creek Road in the Derita area. “When? Today!” Rollinson said he has no intention of leaving the church. He said the members who fired him did not follow church bylaws, and therefore the decision is invalid. He did not say how the members violated the bylaws. Article Here!

"Do You Hear What These Children Are Saying?"

Remember a couple of months ago the Cheerios commercial featuring an interracial mom and dad and their mixed-race daughter that pissed off a small segment of the country?   Now a film crew for the “Kids React” project assembled a group of children and asked them what they thought about the ad. You have to love how they all  react to the questions.  We know on a occasion children can say some remarkable and insightful things. Check it out after the break.

Congratulation To Newlyweds Deitrick Haddon and Dominique Mctyer.

According to Gospel Guru, Deitrick Haddon 40, and Dominique Mctyer, 29, tied the knot today (7/21) in a private ceremony..

Sunday Best Is The Boasting Evil Spirit Of Competition!

I'ma say it one more time, shows like Sunday Best should not be accepted  supported or embraced by the Christian community. The spirit of competition among Christians should be frown upon by all.

The spirit of competition is the dominant spirit of this world. It's the spirit that force men to feel superior to others  while at the same time striving to be “better” than others.

Anyway Gospel recording artist Lisa Page Brooks and husband-producer-songwriter Michael Brooks of Commissioned......daughter Tasha Page Lockharts appearance tonight on BET's Sunday's Best have caused some on social media to question whether this is fair to the othercontestants?

Rumor has it that the wonderful singer Tasha Page Lockhart was/or is part of the dynamic singing gospel group witness. If this is true then I definitely think it's  an unfair advantage to the other contestants. What do you think?

In The Black Church Community Being A Pallbearer Is Considered An Honor!

In the traditional Black Church community it's consider an honor to be ask to be a pallbearer by friends and/or family of the deceased.  I was not aware that some pallbearers have to do this as a job that's frown upon.

Lima's peculiar tradition of preferring black pallbearers harkens back to slave traditions and points to current racism and discrimination. WOW!

Lord Have Mercy Bishop Paul Morton Publicist Has Issued A Statement On Paternity Story!

Being a man of integrity and honor, Bishop Paul S. Morton is publicly addressing a story being circulated about a previous relationship that occurred prior to his marriage to Dr. Debra B. Morton.  UPDATED: VIDEO CLIP FROM SUNDAY MESSAGE!  

Jesus Take The Wheel: Meagan Good Is Rebelling Against Her Conservative Husband And The Christian Church Community With Her Latest Shenanigan,Loud Purple Hair???

Lord have mercy, Meagan Good latest shenanigan comes in the form of loud purple hair, of which she shared with fans and followers on her Instagram page.   In my personally opinion and judging "SOLELY" by and "FROM" 1st lady  Meagan Good  latest shenanigan, this young lady is in a state of "REBELLION".

 Meagan Good has joined the club of celebrities who sends strong messages when they make drastic changes to their hairstyles and dress. 1st lady Meagan has shaved off half of her hair on one side of her head much like the secular world is doing and has also dyed it a loud shade of purple.

 In my personally opinion the message Megan is sending is one loud and clear and it's main aim is to her critics and haters within the "Christian Community":
  Just because I'm married to a conservative preacher/ pastor/ teacher don't mean a darn thing to me.....I don't have to look like your version of a conservative preacher/pastor/teacher wife …

I Believe Bishop Carlton Pearson Is Making A Major Move With His Latest Project!

We are in a war for souls....this thing is getting real everyday.  And believe me some folks are recognizing and taking notice of how real it is, by using the Internet to recruit new church members.

Bishop Terrell Murphy Leaves New Birth Charlotte And Start His Own Church!

Bishop Terrell Murphy has been leader of New Birth Charlotte in Huntersville for about 10 years. Controversial leader Bishop Eddie Long handpicked Murphy to lead that church.

Say What! Rev. Al Sharpton A Married Spiritual Leader Who Has A Girlfriend?

Lord have mercy this is what you get when the spirit of "LUST" is combine with that popular little "BLUE PILL" a mess and a disgrace.

Does Mattel's Monster High Doll Line Introduce Children To The Illuminati Agenda? There Are Folks Out There Who Seems To Believe So!

Mattel’s line of creep-chic Monster High dolls are way more popular than good ol’ Barbie. The below comment is one that I found on a Facebook post.
"If you desire FAME , WEALTH , POWER and you want all your dreams to come true join the Illuminati, it's the way to go." 

Perfecting Church Women's Weekend 2013 Kicks Off Tonight!