There Will Be No Diplomas Handed Out In Churches This Year.

At least not in Georgia any way. In the last couple of years it has been a fairly common practice to hold graduation ceremonies in churches.  But, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution unlike in years past,  none of the DeKalb County high school graduation ceremonies will occur in churches this year.

 This is a big move for Dekalb County Schools, considering they have used Bishop Eddie Long's New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia for many years in the past. Some say it's the right thing to do while others or questioning the school board move.  I also read a  comment stating that Cobb County which is also located in Georgia in one year held over four graduation ceremonies at Turner Chapel AME Church in Marietta.

 Personally, I've always viewed this particular arrangement between church and school as simply a business transaction where the school is paying the church to use their facilities for a graduation ceremony. Never understood the big deal here!

 I do remember last year when the young lady refused to go to her graduation because it was being held at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.