Question Of The Day: Has The Baptists Church Name Become A Hindrance To Saving Souls?

First Missionary Baptist Church, Dothan Al.
For some Baptists, the name of the church is hindrance to saving souls and for others it's not.

I'm proud of my Baptist roots and wouldn't have it any other way. My husband and  I both came to know Christ through a baptist church.  Our Baptist roots started many years ago at  First Missionary Baptist Church with Pastor Rochester Johnson in  Dothan, Alabama.

 But, for about five years we made a choice/decision to move away from the Baptsit Denomination in hope of finding something distinctly different. But we quickly found out there's no place like home.

I love how Pastor Robert Earl Houston describes "The Black Baptist Church" in this well written blog post title: Baptist Born and Baptist Bred and When I Die.....
 The Word of God is not our sidelight, it is our main focus. We don’t chase theological rabbits and we’re not seeking the next mystical unicorn. Although our order of worship varies from pulpit to pulpit, one message resonates every Sunday morning, “He died . . . and then early Sunday morning, He got up with all power in His Hand.” It is effective whether it is preached, shouted, whooped, lectured or taught.
 So, the answer to the above question is NO!


  1. Wow, I live in Dothan, AL! I'm sure I have passed this church a few times.

  2. The church is across the street from Hawk Houston boys club.


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