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Jesus Take The Wheel: Kanye West Album Artwork Controversy!?!?!?!

It look like Kanye West may have outdone himself with the above crucifixion image, rumored to be the real cover for his new project "Yeezus" which comes out June 18.

Kirk Franklin has come under fire for not speaking out about his friend Kanye West controversial album artwork.....when he appeared on secular radio earlier in the week. Check it out below.  

Sad News: The Reverend Dr. Harold A. Carter Has Transition From Time Into Eternity.

My condolence and heartfelt prayers, go out to Pastor Harold A. Carter's family, church family and friends. The longtime senior pastor at New Shiloh Baptist Church in Baltimore died Thursday morning after a battle with cancer. 

The 76-year-old preacher came to Baltimore in 1965 to begin pastoring at New Shiloh Baptist Church.  During the Civil Rights Movement, he was embraced by and traveled with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Dr. Ralph Abernathy, who ultimately influenced his leadership. Pastor Harold Carter’s sermons were regularly heard on WBAL Radio on Sunday mornings. R.I.P. Dr. Carter!

A Shining Example Of What It Mean To Have Victory Over "Death and Sin": Bishop Larry Trotter!

Bishop Larry D. Trotter the senior pastor of the Sweet Holy Spirit Church of Chicago is back and better than ever with passion and zeal for life.....with a new photo shoot as evidences.

This is Bishop Trotter first public appearance since announcing his battle with prostate cancer early this year.

In my opinion, Bishop Larry Trotter has set forth before our eyes in picture form, a demonstration of what it means to be an overcomer.  First John 5:4 says "Whatever is born of God overcometh the world; and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith."

We are overcomers by the act of believing, which results in our new birth. All that is required to be an overcomer is to believe that Jesus is the Anointed One who has come from God.  In the words of Bishop Trotter " I know A Man."

Bishop Joseph Walker "Fix My Life" The Relationship Tour!

Fix My Life presents "The Relationship Tour" featuring Bishop Joseph Walker Tuesday, June 11th at 7:30pm. It's Real, It's Relevant, It's Raw, It's In Your Face. Don't Miss It!

Congratulations To Le'Andria Johnson For Hosting Her Very First Revival With In-laws and Parents.

According to Ms. Johnson Facebook page congratulations are definitely in-order. The newly appointed teacher of the gospel, is hosting her very first revival this week along with her parents and in-law's in Orlando Florida and surrounding areas.

Also, according to the page you don't want to miss this, LeAndria's parents Bishop and Pastor Johnson along with her husband Forrest parents, Apostle and Bishop Walker ( Jersey) with Dr Juan Bellard ( Atlanta) will be preaching powerful messages all 3 nights!! POSITION and  POWER!!! #BeThere May 29-31 Spread The Word!!  Good luck Sister!

The Glass Awards: Canada First Gospel Music Award Honoring The Gospel Music Industry!

I would like to announce the launch of Canada's first annual Glass Awards  which will be on held on July 18-20, 2013 in the city of Toronto. The Glass Awards is Canada's gospel music awards honoring gospel music artists, industry professionals and trailblazing individuals for their contribution to the Gospel Music Industry.

Waking Up A Sleeping Generation Youth Conference 2013!

Attention Youth and Young Adults Join Bishop Carl Smith and New Birth Church for this year'sWAKING UP A SLEEPING GENERATIONYOUTH CONFERENCE.

 This conference will include the ministry of Adam Mesa, Cory Bradley, SHBX, Selah and Minister Cy Forh, so you don't want to miss out!

Dr. Dee Dee Is Giving Away 1500 Gifts To The First 1500 People In Attendance For Her Birthday Bash!

According to  Dr. Dee Dee Freeman Facebook page, she is turning 50 on Father's Day and they about to turn it up and party like it's 1999 all over again.   Get ready for the party of Half-A-Century and we are going to celebrate all her years of life. Dr. Dee Dee is giving away 1500 gifts to the first 1500 people in attendance. Facebook Page!

On another wonderful note, congratulation are in order for both Dr Dee Dee and her beautiful daughter Brelynd, both ladies graduated college last weekend. What a beautiful inspiration!

According to her Bio, Brelyn Freeman is the youngest daughter of Drs. Mike and Dee Dee Freeman. An example both spiritually and naturally, Brelyn has exemplified wisdom and a commitment to serving God that surpasses her age. Because of her passion and stand for Christ, as well as her willingness to honor her parents, Brelyn is living the good life. Ministering the Word of God with simplicity and power, she strives to continue to live a life that others can…

What Do You Think About Pastors Who Carry Condoms Around In Their Bibles?

According to The Daily Post and online newspaper.....someone put a smack down on a bus preacher Saturday morning, after some condoms allegedly fell out of his bible as he preached the ‘Word of God’. WOW!

Conference Time: Women United For Purpose Conference!

First Lady Adrienne Smith Presents WOMEN UNITED FOR PURPOSE Women's Conference.  Saturday  June 8, 2013 @ 9A-3P New Birth Church 1411 Leland Rd. Pittsburg, CA.
This one day event will include the ministry of:
Pastor Tamara Bennett
First Lady Genea Brice
Alfreda Lyons-Campbell
Olevia Williams
Pastor Deborah Simmons
Pastor Brenda Thomas

Jimmy Swaggart Son Donnie Swaggart Have Come Under Fire On FaceBook For Calling The Historical Jesus White!

I don't believe the historical Jesus of Nazareth was “white" as in  European, nor do I believe He was "black" as in African American.  I do beleive based on what scholars say, the historical Jesus would be a Middle Eastern Jewish man of medium, if not dark, complexion.

I believe Donnie Swaggart is wrong here. Jesus genealogy is very clearly written, with all his patriarchal ancestors,in the Bible. He was obviously neither "white" nor "black" but of Middle Eastern brown.

Happy Decoration Day!


Jesus Take The Wheel: Another Book Endorsed By The President Of The American Family Association.

There's a new children’s book that's ruffling some feathers. The book has been designed to "educate" the "next generation" about "God’s plan" for families.

According to the publisher, this picture book for young children presents the traditional, Judeo-Christian view of the family in picture-book format.

In school, young Michael learns that God made men to be fathers and women to be mothers. After school, his father takes him to the zoo, where he learns that animal families consist of a male, a female, and their offspring.

Big Step For Pastor Rick And Kay Warren!

According to Facebook, last night for the first time since the death of their youngest son Pastor Rick and Kay Warren spoke briefly to their church family,  thanking them for their love and prayers.

Church of God in Christ "SECRETS"!

This is an awesome heartbreaking read and story for me.....But what, I'm totally shocked and surprise at is how folks can easily tell others to forget something important and to move on. It's not an easy thing to do for everyone. The below comment is one of the many that was left for this youngman encouraging him to move on and leave the Church Of God In Christ alone.  His Facebook page!

"I don't know how to tell you to get over this but you will have to get over this. My father was and is a prominent member of a Pentecostal movement. He has 3 sets of children by three different women. He has been living a life of deception since I can recall. He stole money from my mother to buy a new car. He lied about his academic background. All I could do was to say to him "I forgive you". I didn't know what else to say to him. Instead of saying what if, I started saying what's next. God doesn't make mistakes, and he doesn't allow us to become ruined…

Another Rapper Turn Pastor: Montell Jordan!

Former Def Jam Records R&B veteran Montell Jordan is shifting his focus once again....this time toward pasturing.

TBN Kicks Off Its 40th Anniversary Celebration With Two Powerful Nights of “Praise the Lord”!

May 28th marks the 40th Anniversary of Trinity Broadcasting Network, and America's most-watched faith-and-family network has an extra special two-night guest lineup for its signature ministry and talk show, “Praise the Lord,” to kick off the celebration of this amazing 40-year milestone.

On Tuesday, May 28th, Dr. Crouch will join co-hosts Matt and Laurie Crouch for a special three-hour “Praise the Lord” as they welcome four of TBN's long-time friends and ministry partners — Benny Hinn, Dwight Thompson, Arthur Blessitt, and Jerry Barnard — for a nostalgic look back at the launch and growth of TBN into a global powerhouse.
“These four men of God have stood with us through many years of fruitful ministry,” said Dr. Crouch. “This special night will be a trip down memory lane as we share stories, take a look back at some classic TBN moments, and reminisce about the many miracles we've witnessed in this forty year adventure.” Joseph and Wendy Prince, and Pastor Joel and Victori…

Lord Have Mercy: Kirk Franklin Have Come Under Fire From Gay Rights Groups For Standing By His Views On The Bible!

According to "All Christian News" Gospel singer Kirk Franklin has found himself in the crosshairs of the gay community for speaking out against homosexuality.

 LGBT activists are putting pressure on the Washington, DC government for paying the singer $80,000 to perform this year for the city’s Emancipation Day celebration. Article Here!

Pastor Jamal Bryant: FIx My Life Summer Series!

According to Pastor Jamal Bryant Facebook page, he has an epic new summer teaching series he will began teaching the first Sunday of June. The Summer Series "Fix My Life" will start  Sunday, June  2nd and end September 1st. "This Is Not A Game."

Right Now: In The Gospel Community The Most Powerful Song Is Wess Morgan's "You Paid It All."

I don't know how I miss Wess Morgan new single. I love music with Christ focus lyrics that causes the listener to focus on what Christ accomplished on the Cross.

For me, Wess Morgan, did just that with his new project. Wess  a Dove Award nominee and recipient of a 2012 BMI Christian Song of the Year Award, releases his highly-anticipated single “You Paid It All” on Good Friday.   

Prayer Request: How In The World Teddy and Tina Campbell Gone-have The Nerve To Ask Fans To Fast And Pray For Their Marriage?

First of all I believe in the word of God and I believe in the wonder working power of prayer. With that said, there's one thing I detest more than anything else in the world, and that's a Christian  who have no respect for God, themselves or others.  I Am totally shocked at  how this couple had decided to use something as serious as a scandalous affair to try and get rating and money for themselves.

I'm having a hard time believing in their latest request.  How in the world you going to request that folks go on a nearly month-long fast for your marriage? WHY?  Is this not crazy?  These two should have never put their business in the streets, we the world did not have to know what was going on behind close doors. Fast and pray for your own marriage. I'm not doing it.

Update: "This is clearly a good setup for season 3 of the reality show, but i'm not interested."

 This is so true; who writes an open letter about THEIR troubling marriage and releases it to…

What's An Alternative For Boy Scout Who Don't Want To Mix With The Gay Boy Scouts? Of Course Church-based Scouting!

It look like "The Boy Scouts’" vote yesterday to allow and accept openly gay boy scouts has ruffle a few feathers among critics of the new policy and has force some supports of it to spring into action.  A group of supporters who wanted the ban to remain said they will host a meeting next month to start the process of creating “a new character development organization for boys.” At the same time, gay equality advocates vowed to help the Scouts grow membership and assist troops in crafting guidelines for handling Scouts who come out as gay.

But according to reports for the last decade there have been an alternative  to the boy scouts with names like Pathfinders (Seventh-day Adventist), Royal Ambassadors (Southern Baptist) and Royal Rangers (Assemblies of God).

Article Here!

James Fortune Will Host Evening Inspirational Radio Show!

REACH Media Inc, announced yesterday that Grammy nominated Gospel Artist, James Fortune, will host an inspirational broadcast radio show beginning Tuesday, May 28th from 7p-11p Eastern Time; and host The Spirit Top 15 Inspirational Countdown every weekend. The shows will feature gospel and inspirational music along with Fortune’s special style of interviews and insights that are meant to motivate and engage. Article Here!

Why Did Cory Condrey “Coco Brother” Walk Away From Radio?

It look like CoCo Brother have given up radio Article Here!

There Will Be No Diplomas Handed Out In Churches This Year.

At least not in Georgia any way. In the last couple of years it has been a fairly common practice to hold graduation ceremonies in churches.  But, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution unlike in years past,  none of the DeKalb County high school graduation ceremonies will occur in churches this year.

 This is a big move for Dekalb County Schools, considering they have used Bishop Eddie Long's New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia for many years in the past. Some say it's the right thing to do while others or questioning the school board move.  I also read a  comment stating that Cobb County which is also located in Georgia in one year held over four graduation ceremonies at Turner Chapel AME Church in Marietta.

 Personally, I've always viewed this particular arrangement between church and school as simply a business transaction where the school is paying the church to use their facilities for a graduation ceremony. Never understood the big deal here!


Jesus Take The Wheel: Pastor Punished for Selling Fake Cancer Cure on TBN!

According to "The Orange County Weekly", Pentecostal minister and physician Christine Daniel, who sold her C-Extract product on Trinity Broadcast Network has received a sentence of "14 years in federal prison. Article Here!

Congratulation Kirk Franklin For Taking Over The Air Waves.

Sirius XM's Praise Channel Becomes Kirk Franklin's Praise!

Question Of The Day: Who Gets The Credit For Fixing Maia Campbell Life GOD or Iyanla?

Throughout the course of life, we all have opportunities to take  credit for ourselves when we shouldn’t. Yesterday, there was a surprising hot intense debate taking place on Facebook.  It was interesting and yet disturbing at the same time.   It seem that some folks wanted to give Iyanla "Fix My Life" the credit for fixing Maia Campbell life while others wanted to turn the spotlight to God for being the fixer upper for Maia life.

After Maia appearance on "Fix My Life" back in December with host Iyanla , where the young lady poured out of her heart and soul about her life struggles and addiction.....we all remember that. But, from the look of things today, Maia life has taken a big and wonderful turnaround for the best.  Maia took to her Instagram page to reveal some behind the scene images where she appears to be prepping and shooting for a TV One series....Good for her!

Most of us remember and love Maia Campbell for her starring role as “Tiffany” from the hit TV…

Rev.Gerald Thompson Has Transition From Time Into Eternity Where Time No Longer Matter.

Every choir member in America salutes and remember you Rev. Gerald Thompson for your powerful foot stomping music ministry.  Back in the old black church, on any given Sunday......1st and 3rd or 2nd and 4th you could find a church choir marching into the sanctuary swaying and leaning to music by the late Rev. Gerald Thompson.

My heartfelt prayers and condolences go out to Rev. Gerald Thompson family, friends and fans.  Yesterday, Rev. Thompson  transition from time present to the place where time no longer exist. He was surrounded by his love ones.   Rev.Gerald Thompson was a gifted singer/songwriter, musician, arranger and producer, he is also, and most importantly an anointed preacher and minister of the Gospel.  Rev. Gerald Thompson is recognized and respected for his unique songwriting ability.

Just a reminder, let us enjoy the people God have given to us because one day He will require them back.

Question Of The Day: Why Do Many Christians Who Join Fraternities or Sororities When Ask Why, Cannot Give A Biblical Sound Answer For Why They Joined?

I found the two cute pics in my Face book timeline this morning and thought them to be cute. I also found the below questions while doing a quick Google search for Christians, Sororities and Fraternities:
"Are sororities, fraternities and secret societies outside of God's will for Christians? How might belonging to a fraternal organization impact the life of a Christian? Should Christians take the oath of fraternal organizations?" I found some very interesting info to say the least. But what really floored me in my search was when I stumble upon this particular  website that had been developed exclusive to help Christians denounce the  Greek Organizations altogether by coming out from among them as scripture instructs.

 I know this is one of those hot button issues that affect Christians now and into the future to come. And it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon.

Some say,when Christians are asked why they join these organization they cannot give a sound answe…

Wal-Mart One Of The First To Jump Aboard With Sponsorship And Advertising For "Bounce TV"

I see Wal-Mart is one of the first to jump aboard with sponsorship and advertising for "Bounce TV", the nation’s only broadcast television network for African Americans. Source Here!