What In The World Is A Recovery Seed?

According to "The Christian Post" Pastor Todd Coontz, the founder of RockWealth International Ministries, a nonprofit organization, is coming under fire for telling viewers that if they act obediently toward God and send him a minimum of $273 for a "recovery seed" donation, God will reward them with a "supernatural change in 90 days."

 Coontz told viewers: "Several months ago, God gave me the single greatest miracle of my lifetime in one day, and the numbers two, seven and three were involved." Ironically, the $1.38 million Rosewood high-rise luxury condos where Coontz lives, was purchased in May 2012 by the RockWealth International Church, according to Charlotte's WSOC-TV.


  1. Todd Coontz is just as bad as the woman in your previous post.

    Todd really isn't a minister
    ( no church, no scripture to back up ANYTHING he says)

    Rock wealth really isn't a business or a ministry.
    (No product, no donations, no employees that do anything except collect the money rolling in)

    So basically you have a man in a suit begging for money he didn't earn.


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