Jesus Take The Wheel: Pat Robertson Is Taking The Last Two Dollars From The Poor!

Lord have mercy Pat Robertson doesn't never give up.  On Monday Pat encouraged families who could not pay their bills to become "partners" of his ministry by sowing $20 a month into his pocket.  In other words,  Pat is asking a family of 4 who has lost their home and is bankrupt for $240 a year. Now for me that just don't make sense.


  1. I feel sorry for him and others like him.HELL awaits!!!!

  2. I don't know. It does look bad, but if he's doing it on the premise of paying tithes even when you're broke because God provides provision for his faithful then it's understandable. However, this particular way he presented it did seem rather prosperity preaching. :(

  3. William I agree there are certainly times when giving to the church is okay. And I believe in giving a offering and I believe in tithing a portion of my income, but I do draw the line when I can’t afford to pay for my most basic needs.

    In the clip it claim the couple declared bankruptcy, moved into a smaller house, began watching 700 Club, and were convinced to keep tithing in order to get favor from God. I hate it when folks believe you can buy the favor of God.


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